Piz Kesch / Piz d'Es-Cha 3418m   44382
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1 Wildspitze 3768m
2 Weisskugel 3738m
3 Piz Griatschouls 2972m
4 Ortler 3905m
5 Aguoglia d'Escha 3386m
6 Monte Cevedale 3769m
7 Punta San Matteo 3678m
8 Cima de Piazzi 3439m
9 Pizzo di Dosdè 3280m
10 Monte Adamello 3539m
11 Piz Sena 3075m
12 Piz Languard 3262m
13 Piz Palù 3905m
14 Piz Bernina 4049m
15 Piz Roseg 3937m
16 Piz Gluschaint 3594m
17 Piz Morteratsch 3751m
18 Monte Disgrazia 3678m
19 Cima di Rosso 3366m
20 Cima di Castello 3379m
21 Piz Julier 3380m
22 Piz Duan 3131m
23 Piz Picuogl 3333m
24 Piz Calderas 3397m
25 Piz d'Err 3378m
26 Piz Arblatsch 3203m
27 Pizzo Tambò 3279m
28 Piz Ela 3339m
29 Piz Mitgel 3158m
30 Piz Beverin 2997m
31 Todi 3614m
32 Hausstock 3158m
33 Ringelspitz 3247m
34 Santis 2502m
35 Schesaplana 2965m
36 Rote Wand 2704m
37 Gross Seehorn 3121m
38 Silvrettahorn 3244m
39 Piz Linard 3411m


Location: Piz Kesch (3418 m)      by: Valentino Bedognetti
Area: Albula Alpen      Date: 17/03/2012
Nikon D7000
Nikkor 18-105mm f3,5-5,6
f/11 1/500sec
ISO-100 18mm
24 immagini RAW 360°

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There have already been three other panoramics from this peak here. Yours is different because of the short focal distance you used we not only get a look onto distant summits but also onto the summit of Piz Kerr itself and into the abyss beyond. Cheers Bruno.
2012/05/05 18:28 , Bruno Schlenker
Fantastic! Empfehlung: Auch auf MP anschauen! Gruss, Felix
2012/05/05 18:31 , Felix Gadomski
I agree with Bruno. The vertical dimension adds very much to the value of the view. I think the focal lenghts was very well chosen.
kind regards / herzlichst Christoph
2012/05/05 18:35 , Christoph Seger
so great!!!
2012/05/08 18:39 , Sebastian Becher

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Valentino Bedognetti

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