Pale di S. Martino from SW   84778
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1 Cima Folga
2 Cima Grugola
3 Cima d'Arzon
4 Cima Scanaiol
5 Cima Tognazza
6 Cimon della Pala
7 Cima Vezzana
8 Cima delle Scarpe
9 Cima di Ball
10 Pala di S. Martino
11 Cima della Madonna
12 Sass Maor
13 Cima Canali
14 La Fradusta
15 Cima Lastei
16 Cima dell'Alberghetto
17 Cima del Coro
18 Sass d'Ortiga
19 Croda Granda
20 Moiazza
21 Piz Sagron


Aufnahmestandort: Malga Agneròla (1577 m)      Fotografiert von: Andrea Gasparotto
Gebiet: Dolomiten      Datum: 23/09/07
10 handfree shots. Pano taken from Vette Feltrine towards Lagorai and Pale SW side.


Great composition and subject.
There's only some noise due to the you mind an upgrade Andrea? :)
26.09.2007 14:06 , Marco Nipoti
Reloaded with some de-noising 
I have reloaded the pano with small de-noising.
Is better now Marco?
26.09.2007 15:51 , Andrea Gasparotto
Nice Panorama! I'm verry surprised about the forest in this altitude.
26.09.2007 21:51 , Marc Deragisch
Nice, but now the de-noising procedure has clearly left a watercolor (in German 'Aquarell') effect.
26.09.2007 23:49 , Daniel Roth
@ Marc 
Obviously the altitude was wrong!! the right value is 1577 m
27.09.2007 09:19 , Andrea Gasparotto
Andrea, we are never happy ... before too much too low ;-)
My "upgrade request" was for a better camera: you shoot great pictures and visit the most beatiful mountains of the deserve it!
27.09.2007 10:43 , Marco Nipoti
@ Marco 
not now for the new camera...I hope in a christmas gift!!
27.09.2007 12:39 , Andrea Gasparotto
Let's ask to A-P friends ;-)
27.09.2007 13:18 , Marco Nipoti

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Andrea Gasparotto

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