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1 P.zo di Olano 2267m
2 M.Rotondo 2496m
3 P.zo Alto 2510m
4 P.zo di Trona 2509m
5 P.zo Tre Signori 2554m
6 Cimone di Margno 1801m
7 Grigna N 2408m
8 M.S.Primo 1686m
9 M.Muggio 1754m
10 Lago di Como
11 M.Galbiga 1698m
12 Lago di Lugano
13 Grona 1736m
14 Lago di Como
15 Sasso Canale 2411m
16 M.Berlinghera 1930m
17 Pian di Spagna
18 Valchiavenna
19 P.zo di Prata 2727m
20 Lago di Mezzola
21 Adda
22 M.Colombano 2005m
23 Valtellina
24 Culmine di Dazio 956m


Aufnahmestandort: Monte Legnone (2609 m)      Fotografiert von: Marco Nipoti
Gebiet: Bergamasker Alpen      Datum: 27.07.2012
Finally Legnone...it was a shame I've never climbed this fantastic mountain till now, a lonely pyramid over Lake Como. The last peer of Orobie has a breathtaking view over Valtellina, Valchiavenna and Lake Como, Mezzola and Lugano.
It's a pity that summer haze penalizes evertything, especially when the North African High hot blow invades the Alps.


The heat you encountered on this mountain can nearly be felt by looking at your panoramic. Cheers Bruno.
31.07.2012 16:47 , Bruno Schlenker
31.07.2012 21:16 , Hans Diter
When we tried Legnone a few years ago, we had to turn around due to a heavy thunderstorm (which caught us in a very friendly, traditional alp just making cheese). Looks like your weather was extreme as well, but much more suitable for a very nice pano. Cheers, Martin
31.07.2012 22:18 , Martin Kraus

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Marco Nipoti

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