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1 Zucco Pesciola 2092m
2 Zucco Orscellera 1856m
3 Canalone dei Camosci
4 Piani di Bobbio 1600m
5 Zuccone Campelli 2161
6 La Cornetta 2054m
7 Cima di Piazzo 2057m


Aufnahmestandort: Zuccone Campelli (2161 m)      Fotografiert von: Marco Nipoti
Gebiet: Bergamasker Alpen      Datum: 09.08.2012
Very, very interesting limestone mountain, even if not well known.
Just a light touch of HDR processing to get back some of dynamics that the horribly hot and hazy midsummer took away ;-)
This picture has been taken just before the real summit, that is too narrow and has cross with cables and orientation panel.
To reach it, it takes some ten meter of descent with the help of a chain, and an exposed climb on the steep rocks and grass that lead to the cross.
It looks far due to wideness of panorama, but it's only 20m distance.

25 Portrait RAW Images, 2 rows
1/320 F11
17mm x1.6
ISO 100
Time: 10:28


I never thougt, that I would consider an artificial pond a beautiful detail of a picture ....
Herzlichst Christoph
19.09.2012 23:16 , Christoph Seger
Maybe after the last rain the green band has been covered ;-)
Actually there was a smaller pond: I think they enlarged it to use it as water basin for artificial snow.
20.09.2012 09:13 , Marco Nipoti

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Marco Nipoti

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