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1 Hammer 2747m
2 Mittaghorn 3015m
3 P.zo Gallina 3061m
4 Chilchhorn 2789m
5 P.zo S.Giacomo 2924m
6 Marchhorn 2962m
7 P.zo Cavergno 3223m
8 Helgenhorn 2837m
9 Rotentalhorn 2968m
10 Nufenenstock 2866m
11 Ofenhorn 3235m
12 Griessee
13 Baettelmatthorn 3044m
14 Rothorn 3287m
15 Blinnenhorn 3374m
16 Fuelhorn 2864m
17 Ritzhorner 3111m
18 Ritzberge 2863m
19 Teltscherhorn 2743m
20 Geisshorn 3740m
21 Aletschhorn 4195m
22 Wannenhorn 3906m
23 Vorder Galmihorn 3517m
24 Gr.Gruenhorn 4043m
25 Finsteraarhorn 4274m
26 Scheuchzerhorn 3462m


Aufnahmestandort: Nufenenpass (2600 m)      Fotografiert von: Marco Nipoti
Gebiet: Tessiner und Misoxer Alpen      Datum: 21.09.2012
NufenenPass, or Passo della Novena in Italian, is the second highest Swiss alpine pass, after Pass Umbrail.
It's peculiarity is that you can easily reach a high mountain environment by car but, most of all, that you can access many beautiful summits with lakes and glaciers with no such big effort.
Moreover the view on Berner Alpen is stunning.
When I arrived this time ... no view on anything.
0 degrees, 0 visibility and strong wind: I was dressed just with cotton trousers, low shoes and a very light pile sweater.
So what to do next?
Obvously walk fast to warm up :-D !
After 100m ascent I got the reward: I was finally over the clouds with a sparkling warm sun to encourage my hike.
This panorama has been taken in that very moment.

15 Portrait RAW Images
1/250 F11
17mm x1.6
ISO 100
Time: 11:43


perfect view! 
22.10.2012 14:28 , Lukas R. Vogel
Your story supplies a nice background to your panorama. LG. Bruno.
22.10.2012 18:42 , Bruno Schlenker
Very well done, Marco!

Not impossible that I can add some image from the highest Swiss pass which I visited in early October without having to move as much as you.
23.10.2012 14:08 , Arne Rönsch
23.10.2012 22:07 , Andreas Starick

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Marco Nipoti

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