Monte Pesora   01830
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1 Lago di Pusiano 257m
2 Isola dei Cipressi
3 Lago di Alserio 260m
4 Lago del Segrino 374m
5 Monte Scioscia 671m
6 Monte Bolettone 1317m
7 Monte Maiano 1155m
8 Monte Rosa 4633m
9 Monte Barzaghino 1069m
10 Monte Palanzone 1436m
11 Monte S.Primo 1686m
12 Monte Ponciv 1456m
13 Monte Megna 1050m
14 Grigna N 2409m
15 Grigna N 2409m
16 Corni di Canzo 1383m
17 Monte Prasanto 1251m
18 Monte Picchetto 1314m
19 Monte Tesoro 1432m
20 Monte Crocione 877m


Location: Monte Pesora (1160 m)      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Bergamasker Alpen      Date: 13.09.2012
Walking down on the West ridge of Monte Cornizzolo it's easy to reach Monte Pesora (the best mountain to see Lago Segrino, as Stefano told me). The strong North wind that was blowing (60km/h, with gusts of 90km/h) was annoying, but kept helped clear views, especially to the plains.
Just under this mountain Giovanni Segantini lived for a short period, before moving to Savognin.

20 Portrait RAW Images
1/320 F8
17mm x1.6
ISO 100
Time: 11:44


Marco Nipoti

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