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1 Marmolada P. Penia
2 Gran Vernel
3 Roda de Mulon
4 Mondeval
5 Col Duro
6 RosenGarten
7 Kesselkogel
8 M. Cernera
9 Piz Boe'
10 Sella Gruppe
11 M. Formin
12 Becco di Mezzodi'
13 C. Ambrizzola
14 Croda da Lago
15 Tofana de Rozes
16 Tofana de Mezo
17 Gr. Loeffler
18 Cr. del Becco-Seekofel
19 M. Nevoso-Schneebiger Nock
20 Picc. Croda Rossa-Kleine Gaisl
21 Croda Rossa-Hohe Gaisl
22 Pomagagnon
23 Cortina d'Ampezzo
24 Picco dei Tre Signori-3Herren Sp.
25 Picco di Vallandro
26 Gr. Venediger
27 Cristallino d'Ampezzo
28 M. Cristallo
29 Piz Popena
30 M. Faloria
31 Tre Scarperi-Dreischuster Sp.
32 Punta Nera
33 P. Sorapis
34 Croda Marcora
35 Costa Belpra'
36 Cima Belpra'
37 Rocchetta de Soraru'
38 C. Scotter
39 San Vito di Cadore
40 Antelao
41 Monfalcon di Montanaia
42 Pramaggiore
43 Borca di Cadore
44 Cima dei Preti
45 M. Duranno
46 Sassolungo di Cibiana


Aufnahmestandort: Rocchetta di Prendera (2450 m)      Fotografiert von: Andrea Gasparotto
Gebiet: Dolomiten      Datum: 29/12/2012
From the summit of Rocchetta di Prendera you can have a fantastic view of the Dolomites around Cortina d'Ampezzo, and many other summits all around. To reach the summit we started from ValFiorentina (Rifugio Citta di Fiume) employing about 3 hours, but you may start also from Cortina, it's only a little bit longer. The pano is composed with 26 vertical shots taken with my Nikon D90 equipped with the 18-105 VR, stitched with PTGui.


just wonderful! but where is Pelmo (must be really impressive from that point)?? :-)
Congratulations! Michael
07.01.2013 17:12 , Michael Strasser
Too much people Michael! 
Ahah, you're right, the pano finish just before the Pelmo! Initially I intended to make a 360 pano, but unfortunately we remained only few minutes and there are other people on the summit so the visual was'nt free in that moment... nevertheless I took some splendid single shots with the Pelmo! I will propose a short pano with Pelmo and Civetta...
07.01.2013 17:55 , Andrea Gasparotto
Sooooooo great!!! I think Pelmo must be REALLY BIG from that Point!!

Dit you climb with Snoshoes or by Ski?!

greetings Seb
07.01.2013 17:59 , Sebastian Becher
@ Seb: 
Thanks! yes, Pelmo is enormous, and in this season it is also very close to the sun, so managing the exposition in a pano is complicated...
We went by skis, without is a rather long and complicated way...
07.01.2013 18:11 , Andrea Gasparotto
WOW!!! Veryyyyy Greaaaaaaatttttt!!
Ciao Hans
07.01.2013 18:19 , Hans Diter
A great work Andrea. The Dolomiti in winter always a great sight. Cheers Bruno.
07.01.2013 19:32 , Bruno Schlenker
and inequitable, this location of Cortina! Very well done. And what a big Mountain is the Antelao.
07.01.2013 19:54 , Harry Dobrzanski
"Polito"! ;- )) 
"Befriedigung für meine Augen!"
Tanti Auguri per Anno tredieci!
Saluti di Walter
07.01.2013 23:50 , Walter Schmidt
Che vista!! Ciao
09.01.2013 11:24 , Mauro Masiol
09.01.2013 21:10 , Christian Hönig
klar und scharf
12.01.2013 17:34 , Roland Mitterrutzner
13.01.2013 08:10 , Christoph Seger

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Andrea Gasparotto

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