Luna dal Tauro   133778
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1 Fravort S-Grat
2 Cima Trento, 2530
3 Cimon Rava, 2437
4 Tauro
5 Bivacco Argentino
6 Castelletto, 2337
7 Fierollo, 2141
8 Sass de Mura, 2547
9 Spiado
10 Agaro, 2060
11 Pavione, 2334
12 Bieno
13 Silana
14 Coppolo, 2069
15 Col Visentin, 1763
16 Strigno
17 Lefre
18 Pale delle Rive, 1679
19 Castelnuovo
20 Borgo Valsugana
21 Tomatico, 1595
22 Cesen, 1570
23 Cima Campo
24 Civerone
25 Caldiera, 2124
26 Monte Zaccon
27 Poisele
28 Armentera, 1500
29 Cima Dodici, 2334
30 Col di Stanga
31 Sasso Alto
32 Cima Portule, 2307
33 Porta Manazzo, 1775
34 Manderiolo, 2049


Aufnahmestandort: Fontanella (1998 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Fleimstaler Alpen      Datum: 26-01-2013
«Nil sub sole novum» sagt man auf lateinisch: nichts neu unter der Sonne - oder besser, auf diesem Fall, unter dem aufgehenden Mond. Ich meine: diese Berge, aus diesem Standort, habe ich schon mehrmals gezeigt. Wenn ich aber auf Pano 22134 von Jörg E. gestoßen bin, der aus 17.06 Uhr stammt, habe ich an die Fotos gedacht, der ich sieben Minuten später gesammelt hatte, und deren "eilige" Zusammensetzung hier man sieht.
Leider blieb der Stativ im Rücksack, da ich im tiefen und weichen Schnee keine feste Stelle für ihn finden konnte - dementsprechend kommt die Qualität.
14 HF, Zoom 70-300 mit 70mm, ISO 400, f/5.0, 1/320 Sek.


Perfekte Koinzidenz ....
30.01.2013 22:53 , Christoph Seger
Eine neue Sportart: Synchronpanoramisieren. Super!

Jörg E.
30.01.2013 23:19 , Jörg Engelhardt
Geniale ;-)

Ganz nach meinem Geschmack.

LG Hans
31.01.2013 07:52 , Johann Ilmberger
Very great!!
Lg Hans
31.01.2013 16:30 , Hans Diter
Schönes Panorama
31.01.2013 17:18 , Thomas Janeck
Herrlich wie du das letzte Licht des Tages eingefangen hast. Auch die Schattenbereiche überzeugen. LG. Bruno.
31.01.2013 18:01 , Bruno Schlenker
I thank everybody for the response.
Used to publish mainly on PPH, and sometimes even panoramas from "interesting" and/or "instructive" locations, I am quite surprised and amused to gain more appreciation here, with an occasional work coming from the Fontanella (!!).
Of course, this is only a personal remark... After all, as some poets have pointed out, the moon is always the same both in the most remote locations and over the roof of one's home!
02.02.2013 14:50 , Pedrotti Alberto
Don't worry, stay happy :-)
02.02.2013 15:44 , Christoph Seger
This is by no means a worry, it's only a thought! There also some curious details contributing to it.
The huge mountain meadow that you see below the moon (hosting also a nice bivouac) bears the name Tauro... the same as the Taurus mountains in Turkey, but nobody knows why - actually, I think that nobody ever posed the question.
So, for me it is striking to see the moon rising from this "homely orient" and, by looking at it, my thoughts fly to far places - and, in particular, to the true Turkish mountains. In 2008, on the Akdag, that is, the "Mont Blanc" of Lycia, I had dropped the sleeping bag on the side of a track at 2000 m. Around midnight, I heard some light whispers. Opening my eyes, I guessed a shepherd with some sheep passing by. The poem "Night song of a wandering Asian shepherd", by Giacomo Leopardi, which we study at school, was coming true... But I was surprised that the full moon was less bright than when I had fallen asleep. Putting on the glasses, I discovered that a partial eclipse was in action! (
It also turned out to be precious for me. Namely, in the two days on the Akdag I had run out of food. The next morning, in the full light I detected a car that I had not noted before. Why a car in such a desert place? There were two nice guys from Fethiye: you know those people who live on the shore of the sea but are fond mountaineers... They had come there to observe the eclipse in the clean mountain sky. This brought to me a rich breakfast, and the opportunity to stay another day on the mountain!
02.02.2013 16:21 , Pedrotti Alberto
What a beautiful story. Your travels always enrich me!
02.02.2013 17:14 , Christoph Seger
Da tut sich was! 
Gruss Walter
02.02.2013 17:44 , Walter Schmidt
Where did the song come from? As you were in sync with Jörg photographing La Luna , this is about synchronicity:
04.02.2013 12:49 , Jannis Gligoris
Oh, ok now I got it right, first I thought you heard as song. Nice poem :-)
04.02.2013 12:55 , Jannis Gligoris

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