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1 Monte del Lago, 2327
2 Sopra Conella, 2308
3 Corno Tempiaro
4 Cima d'Ambiez, 3100
5 Cima Tosa, 3178
6 Forcella delle Conelle / Sensattel
7 Sfulmini
8 Sasso Rosso, 2310
9 Sasso Rotto, 2396
10 Sette Selle, 2396
11 Cima Mendana
12 Cima d'Ezze, 2351
13 Rujoch, 2410
14 Schliverlai Spitz, 2432
15 Crozzi d'Ezze
16 Malga d'Ezze
17 Monte Croce, 2490
18 Pale delle Buse, 2410
19 Hohe Wilde, 3480


Aufnahmestandort: Ciste (2186 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Fleimstaler Alpen      Datum: 02-03-2013
For the first time I am loading a panorama on demand: this is because it lies on Panoramio (, and there I have been asked to label the summits. The simplest way to accomplish the task seemed to me to load it here: after all, it looks acceptable to me.
If wonder: if this were not the case, is there any other practical way to superimpose labels to panoramas?
This said, the Monte Ciste is, among the mountains of Valsugana, one of the most popular ski-touring ascents.
Since here I was in a bike+ski tour, I did not want to load on the bicycle the reflex as well. As a consequence, the photos are made with the Canon Powershot G9.


Even with the Powershot the quality of your panoramic is very well. Cheers Bruno.
13.04.2013 10:51 , Bruno Schlenker
Thank you Bruno.
I think, by the way, that the Powershots are really good toys!
I am likewise convinced that the quality that we see here has very little to do with the quality of the image at a reasonable size, and/or with that of the camera. Maybe one would improve his results here more by scrutinizing, and perhaps even task-specializing, the source code of the resampling/finishing program that he uses, than by taking technically sound photos.
For example, one of my most appreciated works on Panorama Photo (N. 10566) comes from one of my most out-of-focus shot sequences ever!!
13.04.2013 11:59 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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