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1 Pala di Meduce, 2864
2 Cima Schiavina, 2782
3 Croda dei Toni / Cima 12, 3094
4 Bivacco Tiziano
5 Cima Bagni, 2983
6 Croda Alta di Somprade, 2655
7 Val Longa
8 Cima dei Camosci, 2673
9 Croda dell'Arbel, 2729
10 Le Selle W, 2828
11 Cima Arduini, 2769
13 Monticello, 2803
14 Cime di Val Longa, 2742
15 Cima Tiziano, 2802


Location: Vallonga (2300 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Dolomiten      Date: 20-09-2013
Alvise asked me to abandon the easy way of popular summits, such as Sella and Sassolungo, and to join again the narrow road of unknown places, like (for example) the Marmarole. To make the road still narrower, I chose to go black and white; however, if (like I almost too easily foresee) it will not be appreciated, I can make a reload with an ordinary colour picture.
10 vertical images, 16 mm (x 1.5), 1/125 sec, f/9.


Wunderschönes kontrastreiches B/W-Panorama, wäre aber trotzdem auf das "ordinary" Farb-Panorama gespannt ;-)

Liebe Grüsse, Ciao
2013/11/02 18:35 , Gerhard Eidenberger
It is great in b/w!
2013/11/02 19:54 , Uta Philipp
Un ottimo lavoro 
Non dico che è al livello dell'Ansel Adams dello Yosemite… ma ci va molto vicino. Visto lo stile, mi aspetto - ci aspettiamo (non è opportuno personalizzare troppo) altre panoramiche del genere - anzi, perché non iniziare un nuovo "filone" di A-P dedicato al "ritratto" BN di montagne più o meno famose? Credo che la cosa potrebbe riservare discrete sorprese.
Ciao a tutti, Alvise

I'm not saying that this shot reaches Ansel Adams' Yosemite's level ... but it's very very close to it. Given the style, I expect - we expect (better not to personalize) other similar panoramas - in fact, why not start a new "genre" of AP dedicated to the BW "portrait" of more or less famous mountains? I think the thing might hold discrete surprises.
Hi to everyone, Alvise
2013/11/02 21:35 , Alvise Bonaldo
Gerhard: "ordinary"
2013/11/03 01:29 , Pedrotti Alberto
I appreciate it very much, that you show S/W shots - you became a master in this technique, the Anselm A. comparison is not completely wrong, though he is (at least as I remember his pictures) using a bit more contrast...
2013/11/03 10:24 , Christoph Seger
Thanks @ Alberto ;-)

BR Gerhard.
2013/11/03 11:10 , Gerhard Eidenberger
Homaris Style?
2013/11/06 02:30 , Augustin Werner
Yes, he is indeed my model...
He typically uses more contrast and especially deeper shadows, however.
2013/11/08 01:53 , Pedrotti Alberto

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