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1 Care' Alto
2 Monte Fumo
3 Crozzon di Lares
4 Cima Presanella
5 Cima d'Ambiez
6 Cima Tosa
7 Crozzon di Brenta
8 Brenta Alta
9 Campanile Alto
10 Cima Brenta


Location: Cima Sommo (1700 m)      by: Andrea Gasparotto
Area: Adamello-Presanella-Alpen      Date: 28/12/2007
After a while, my first pano with the new camera Canon sx100 IS to test the 10x optical zoom, even if the sky conditions were not perfect....
my knowledge of this part of the alps is not so good, if someone can help with the indexing i will be grateful.


Test OK :)
2008/01/02 11:26 , Marco Nipoti
Purtroppo neanche io conosco quelle zone.. qualche nome ho provato a metterlo, se vuoi potrei chiedere ad un amico di Trento super esperto
2008/01/02 12:26 , Stefano Caldera

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Andrea Gasparotto

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