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1 M. Mars 2600m
2 Gran Paradiso 4061m
3 M. Nery 3076m
4 Campo dei Fiori 1226m
5 Bianco 3320m
6 M. Rosa 4633m
7 Cervino 4478m
8 Rifugio Prabello
9 M. Generoso 1701m
10 P.zo della Croce 1491m
11 Corona di Redorta 2804m
12 P.zo di Campo Tencia 3071m
13 M. Boglia 1516m
14 P.zo di Vogorno 2442m
15 Madone 2395m
16 Cima dell'Uomo 2390m
17 Gaggio 2267m
18 M. Bar 1816m
19 Piz Medel 3211m
20 Casasco Intelvi
21 Camoghe' 2227m
22 Cima di Fiorina 1809m
23 Garzirola 2116m
24 San Fedele Intelvi
25 M. Lurio 1293m
26 P.zo di Gino 2245m
27 Colle di San Zeno 1025m
28 M. Tabor 2079m
29 M. Sertore 1397m
30 M. Pasquella 1331m
31 M. Bregagno 2107m
32 M. Galbiga 1698m
33 Piz Gallagiun 3108m
34 Pigra 881m
35 M. Gruf 2936m
36 M. di Tremezzo 1700m
37 Pizzo Badile 3305m
38 Pizzo Cengalo 3369m
39 Sasso Manduino 2888m
40 M. Legnoncino 1714m
41 Piz Bernina 4048m
42 M. Legnone 2609m
43 Lago di Como
44 M. Croce di Muggio 1799m
45 P.zo Alto 2512m
46 M. Gringo 1082m
47 P.zo Rotondo 2495m
48 Cimone di Margno 1801m
49 P.zo Mellasc 2465m
50 P.zo dei Tre Signori 2554m


Location: Sasso Gordona (few meters under) (1350 m)      by: Stefano Caldera
Area: Tessiner und Misoxer Alpen      Date: 02 Nov 2007
13 images, 26mm, f/4.5, 1/640s, 2:00 pm
I used a circular polarizer and the colors have become weird, almost unrealistic especially on the Generoso


Finde diesen Filtereinsatz... 
...hier durchaus angebracht, wahrscheinlich wäre die prächtige Landschaft ohne Filter im allbekannten Dunst untergegangen und sehr fade geworden! lg Fredy
2008/01/02 21:07 , Fredy Haubenschmid
Very nice experiment.
In spite of having used a POL Filter, the good thing is that the sky has conserved an acceptable uniformity.
2008/01/03 09:59 , Marco Nipoti
Das Panorama ist toll, obwohl ich als fotografischer Laie nicht verstehe was das mit der Verwendung eines Filters zu tun hat. LG Johann
2008/01/03 10:04 , Johann Ilmberger
A normal (or not fully polarized, I don't remember) version can be found here:
2008/01/03 10:25 , Stefano Caldera
Per me il panorama con il filtro e' bellissiomo. Amo i colori nella tua foto. Trovo il panorama molto piu`bello come la foto senza filtro.

Ciao Manfred
2008/01/04 17:26 , Manfred Kostner
Did you have the pole filter always in the same position or had you again adjusted the pole filter with each picture? After my experiences large differences between the individual images result because of the different beam of light. With your panorama one sees several gradations - and a large lens flare - in the sky.
2008/01/05 20:09 , Heinz Höra
@ Heinz: The lens flare is a mistake, I didn't mount the lens hood. The polarizer was set (to get the maximum effect on the M.Generoso (90° respect the sun)) only once.
2008/01/05 21:02 , Stefano Caldera
Stefano, you can eliminate the lens flare with PS 7.0 and higher simply. I have a panorama with polarize effect also - from Monte Generoso. You can it find under There the colors are also so weird.
2008/01/06 00:12 , Heinz Höra

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