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1 Similaus, 3606
2 Hintere Schwärze, 3624
3 Roda di Vael, 2806
4 Sforcella, 2810
5 Mugoni, 2765
6 Zigolade, 3540
7 Liebener Spitze, 3399
8 Cresta di Davoi, 2745
9 Catinaccio, 2981
10 Torri del Vaiolet
11 Valacia, 2637
12 Cima Scalieret, 2887
13 Catinaccio d'Antermoia, 3004
14 Cima di Lausa, 2876
15 Spitz del Malinvern, 2630
16 Croda dei Cirmei, 2900
17 Larsre, 2746
18 Polenton, 2642
19 Croda del Lago, 2806
20 Sas de Dona, 2686
21 Mantel, 2567
22 Jakobsspitze, 2742


Aufnahmestandort: Cima Bocche (2745 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Dolomiten      Datum: 13-03-2010
The publication of my sunrise panorama from Cima Bocche gave me also the occasion to discover that my previous panorama from the same summit has mysteriously disappeared from the site.
I do not know whether CIA and FBI are willing to help me in the solution of such a puzzling affair: i suspect somehow that the answer will be negative. I need also to make further research in order to establish if this is an isolated mishap, or if some other cases have to be recorded. Were I to discover that this a common practice, I would need to introduce, in my already cumbersome bookkeeping mechanism, a further category, namely, that of Alpen-Desaparecido. This would be truly pitiful for me.
Meanwhile, I honour the memory of the up-to-now-unique Desaparecido (the day being also an adequate one) with an old photo, taken in the same occasion, and showing the Catinaccio in winterly layout.
Should this one become a Desaparecido as well, I would conclude that there is truly some evil spirit on Cima Bocche. In itself this is no exciting summit but, equipped with such a spirit, then it would indeed become an interesting one!


I do not speak Italian, but the sense of the word Catinaccio is well known to me for a completely other reason ;-)
02.11.2014 10:20 , Jens Vischer
Nice winter impression ... cheers Hans-Jörg

@ Jens (thinking about football?)
catinaccio vs. catenaccio ;-)
02.11.2014 17:30 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Ho una panoramica da Cime Bocche col il 300 mm, ma non sono riuscito ad assemblarlo.
02.11.2014 17:45 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Aspetto gia sulla la prossima neve :-),
Bella panoramica del catinaccio.
cari saluti Patrick
02.11.2014 19:03 , Patrick Runggaldier
Was für Schönheiten & toll umgesetzt. Die mangelnde Bewertung ist mir vollkommen unverständlich.
22.11.2014 17:56 , Christoph Seger

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Pedrotti Alberto

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