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Aufnahmestandort: Altissimo di Nago (2050 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Gardaseeberge      Datum: 02-06-2010
The last bend before reaching the summit of the Altissimo di Nago is rather panoramic.
The reason why I was here is rather curious: namely, that day there was a pilgrimage of my village to the Madonna della Corona (N.12596 on PPH). While most of the participants reached the sanctuary directly by bus, few of the younger followed the scenic staircase from Val d'Adige. All alone, I had set off by bicycle the day before, sleeping on the summit of Monte Altissimo, where I pitched my tent in the vicinity of the refuge. Since it was my first visit to that mountain, the following morning I spent so much time around that I arrived for the mass (where I was supposed to play the organ) only 15 minutes in advance.
You can guess that here I was already on a hurry, otherwise I could have collected some more shots, at least on the left side.
The whole is done with che Canon G9.


che vista!!
anche ben visibile la parte sud del lago, che d´estate non si riesce quasi mai a vedere.
cari saluti Patrick
20.05.2015 18:50 , Patrick Runggaldier
scartabellando i Gardaseeberge ho visto che sei un amante di quei posti. Quando avrò tempo mi riguarderò tutto con calma. Per essere trentino, io sono stato pochissimo sul Monte Baldo.
20.05.2015 19:50 , Pedrotti Alberto
Your are definitely the coolest organ player I know :)
20.05.2015 20:18 , Jens Vischer
I was there by bike a few years ago, 
and it was just as wonderful as you present it to your beautiful image!
21.05.2015 18:53 , Werner Maurer
Great view!
22.05.2015 20:41 , Johannes Ha
Great story and pic!
23.05.2015 10:05 , Christoph Seger

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Pedrotti Alberto

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