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1 Canzo 402m
2 Monte Barzaghino 1069m
3 Monte Bolettone 1317m
4 Monte Palanzone 1436m
5 Rezzago 674m
6 Caglio 800m
7 Sormano 775m
8 Monte Generoso 1701m
9 Monte Megna 1050m
10 Monte San Primo 1682m
11 Valbrona 494m
12 Monte Oriolo 1110m
13 Monte di Tremezzo 1700m
14 Civenna 627m
15 Bellagio 229m
16 Monte Bregagno 2107m
17 Lago di Como 198m
18 Mandello del Lario 200m
19 Monte Pilastro 1823m
20 Abbadia Lariana 204m
21 Monte Legnone 2609m
22 Grigna Settentrionale 2409m
23 Grigna Meridionale 2177m
24 Piani dei Resinelli 1250m
25 Zuccone Campelli 2161m
26 Rifugio Sev 1250m
27 Monte Coltignone 1479m
28 Monte Sodadura 2010m
29 Monte Due Mani 1666m
30 Monte Moregallo 1276m
31 Monte Resegone 1875m
32 Corno Centrale di Canzo 1368m
33 Monte Barro 922m
34 Valmadrera 237m
35 Lago di Olginate 198m
36 Lago di Annone 224m
37 Corno Birone 1116m
38 Monte Rai 1261m
39 Monte Prasanto 1251m
40 Monte Cornizzolo 1241m
41 Lago di Alserio 262m


Aufnahmestandort: Corno Occidentale di Canzo (1373 m)      Fotografiert von: Fabrizio Foppiani
Gebiet: Bergamasker Alpen      Datum: 17-8-2015

After a rainy night, this is the view in the late morning.
In the afternoon the panorama was back to typical summer weather: sunny and hot with puffy clouds

Time: 10.45
16 Vertical HDR Images from 48 shots (RAW)
ISO-80 F/6.3
1/100 1/200 1/400 sec
Focal length (35mm): 33mm


To be honest, this looks much too artificial for my taste. Should be a wonderful pano without HDR, though. Cheers, Martin
19.08.2015 19:45 , Martin Kraus
Hi Martin! I think I will try a normal version, actually I'm curious to see if I can do it.
The light difference between land and sky is big...maybe using the middle images (1/200) and retrieving details from both shadows and light
20.08.2015 21:37 , Fabrizio Foppiani
Fantastic clouds and a really strong Panorama! Congrats!
24.08.2015 09:40 , Sebastian Becher

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Fabrizio Foppiani

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