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1 Aig. de Bionnassay
2 Piton des Italiens
3 Dôme du Gôuter
4 Grande Bosse
5 MONT BLANC, 4810m; 42 Km
6 MB de Courmayeur
7 Mont Maudit
8 Aig. Blanche de Peuterey
9 Mont Blanc du Tacul


Aufnahmestandort: Tovière (2704 m)      Fotografiert von: Giuseppe Marzulli
Gebiet: Grajische Alpen      Datum: 22 August 2015

3 photos with tele 300 mm (full format).


It's hard to believe - but it must be Montblanc (I compared it with an old photograph of mine taken from far away from south-east).
The shape of the summit and the rock-face right below the top leave no doubt.
You used a very strong tele?

I Think it was taken form a summit on the west-side of the lake.

26.08.2015 06:48 , Dietrich Kunze
It definitively is the Mont Blanc, taken from SSE, I would guess from the mountains around Val d'Isere. Compare Alexander's #10901 from La Grande Motte, or on the other side Dirk's Aiguille de la Grand Sassiere or Bruno's La Tsanteleina on mountainpanoramas. Cheers, Martin
26.08.2015 07:17 , Martin Kraus
très bien 
it is the Mont Blanc. The point of view is not the Grande Motte or the Mont Pourri, it must be the Grande Sassière. I would like to see more ... Best regards Alexander.
26.08.2015 08:04 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Maybe it is from the Pointe de la Sana?

best regards, Peter
26.08.2015 08:36 , B. B.
...see #20552 .... so maybe your position is the summit of "Roche de Mio" @ La Plagne...

26.08.2015 09:14 , Jörg Engelhardt
View from Pointe de la Sana:
26.08.2015 10:30 , B. B.
I thank you all for the answers. As has been said, it is an unusual view of Mont Blanc, which is 42 kilometers from Toviere. Bravo to all and in particular to Dietrich.
26.08.2015 19:23 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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