Niedere Tauern as seen from H. Zinken   23760
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1 Schießeck 2275 m
2 Gr.Schießeck 2275 m
3 Gr. Hansl 2315 m
4 Zinkenkogel 2233 m
5 Gr. Boesenstein 2448 m
6 Pusterwald
7 Bruderkogel 2299 m
8 Geierkogel 2237 m
9 Großer Grißenstein 2337 m
10 Windpark
11 Lachtal liften
12 Judenburg 737 m
13 Ameringkogel 2187 m
14 Zirbitzkogel 2396 m


Location: Hoher Zinken (2222 m)      by: Tomaz Kozamernik
Area: Rottenmanner und Wölzer Tauern      Date: 22.12.2007
Going nord from Slovenia to Gesäuse Nationalpark I climbed Hoher Zinken from Lachtal and skied to Pusterwald far below. Great and wide views were included.
In picture (from left to right) are Wölzertauern with Totes Gebirge behind, Seckauer Alpen, Windpark, Judenburg and Zirbitzkogel.


Very nice Pano! LG Gerhard.
2008/03/07 15:27 , Gerhard Eidenberger
Dear Gerhard Eidenberger!
Thanks for your comments and your good-looking panoramas. I like your region and I belive that I will get some ideas where to go next time looking your photos. Berg Heil!
2008/03/08 22:15 , Tomaz Kozamernik

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Tomaz Kozamernik

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