Panorama From Pic de Bertagne(Provence) with sunset on Pyrenees(Canigou)   141685
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1 Mont Puget 564m
2 Mont Carpiagne 646m
3 Pic Canigou 2784m;278km
4 Madrès(2469m);294km
5 City of Marseille
6 ND de la Garde(161m)
7 Mont Saint-Clair 176m,163km


Aufnahmestandort: Pic de Bertagne (1043 m)      Fotografiert von: Bruno Carrias
Gebiet: Provincalische Alpen      Datum: 29 10 2015
From Pic de Bertagne(1043m) range of Sainte-Baume a panorama at sunset with sunset on Peak of Canigou(2784m) which is at 278km


Tolle Stimmung und beeindruckende Fernsicht!
17.08.2017 09:07 , Olaf Kleditzsch
Viele Danke Olaf,i'm not speaking german only some words i know but i have understood what you have written with google traduction
17.08.2017 09:10 , Bruno Carrias
Canigou from the Alps: I think that this has always been dream number one on this site!
Cheers, Alberto.
17.08.2017 09:46 , Pedrotti Alberto
thanks Alberto Pic de Bertagne(1043m) is not really in Alps it's mountain of Provence almost alps but not i have seen canigou from tête de l'estrop which is in Alps of Provence near city of Digne-les-Bains it was 12 August 2017 picture here:
17.08.2017 12:38 , Bruno Carrias
What a spectacular document! When I posted my Bertagne-Pano on p.p ( I mentioned the possible visibility of Pyrenees and Corse. So this is pure verification. (Could you see Corse as well?)
Your Estrop-Pic on flickr is even more fantastic reflecting a far-distance view of 381 km which not has been reached on a-p or p-p. Marvellous!
Regards Peter
17.08.2017 18:06 , Peter Brandt
I misunderstood "not I have seen". Indeed, the pict from the Estrop is even more remarkable. Gratulations to both the pano and the pict.
17.08.2017 19:55 , Matthias Knapp
thanks a lot Matthias
17.08.2017 20:26 , Bruno Carrias
The Fernsichtliste (#31835) is calling, a new record on alpen-panoramen!
17.08.2017 21:32 , Silas S
spektakuläre Fernsicht, das muß man erst mal erleben und besser machen. LG Alexander
17.08.2017 22:45 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Pyrénées-Orientales from Alpes de Haute-Provence(Tête de L'Estrop)
17.08.2017 22:56 , Bruno Carrias
Lucky you to have such a view on August 12!
On August 14, 2002, I cycled up the Ventoux (I was coming back from Santiago) with the hope to have some a similar reward, but unfortunately this did not happen.
17.08.2017 23:04 , Pedrotti Alberto
yes Alberto i have calculate my day with weather forecast the best visibility to have Pyrenees from alps is often just after a strong Mistral which is a North wind coming from vallée du rhône,i was almost sure canigou will be visible i have studied the conditions with webcam and weather forecast
17.08.2017 23:10 , Bruno Carrias
What a great view, congratulation!
18.08.2017 10:18 , Jens Vischer
thanks jens
18.08.2017 15:07 , Bruno Carrias

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Bruno Carrias

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