Dauphiné Alps & Prealps, Provence Alps & Maritime Alps from Canigó (Catalan & french Pyrenees)   122847
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Aufnahmestandort: Summit of Canigó (2785 m)      Fotografiert von: Mark Bret
Gebiet: Dauphiné Alpen      Datum: 12 August 2017
One of the most distant and at the same time very spacious views that can be obtained from the Alps. In this case with the immense Gulf of Leon between the two main mountain ranges of Europe.

One of the most distant and at the same time very spacious views that can be obtained from the Alps. In this case with the immense Gulf of Leon between the two main mountain ranges of Europe.

The great difficulty in long distance photos is the atmospheric transparency. I chose one day that I thought was especially appropriate for the attempt and it was right.
I and my traveling companion contemplate the Alps before sunrise. Then all the distant silhouettes vanished, even the Mont Ventoux.

The photograph is a composition of several images taken sequentially from the Canigó.
The denominations of the places I have found out myself based on the simulator of Ulrich Deuschle as well as thanks to other cartographic complementary aid.

However, I would like to thank Bruno Carrias for the work of adjusting images and editing. By the other hand other details are visible and could include, as Bruno realized, but so faint that I have finally decided not to signalize them.

Other photographs of the Alps from other points of the Pyrenees can be found in my gallery, even the world distant record of distance landscapes wich I got in July of 2016: https://www.flickr.com/photos/markbret/albums

Also you can see it in the other websites indicated in the corner of the picture.


Chapeau! This is an absolute extraordinary document. 412 km is really unique on p-p or a-p. Thanks for sharing. Regards Peter
24.08.2017 15:34 , Peter Brandt
Yes you nailed it!!!!!!!! Congratulations *******
25.08.2017 00:13 , Mentor Depret
Very impressive! Cheers, Martin
26.08.2017 13:10 , Martin Kraus
Wow - indeed "chapeau" ... !!!

Best regards, Hans-Jörg
27.08.2017 10:13 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
27.08.2017 22:43 , Jens Vischer
All attention! A photographic document of a sensational visual. Congratulations.
I already knew it from the superbly designed site "Beyond Horizons". I very much appreciate that you used UDeuschle for verification.
But I would like to point out that at alpen.panoramen.de only panoramas are actually shown, which were made from a point within the Alps.
For panoramas taken from outside the Alps, there is the sister site panorama-photo.net.
Best regards, Heinz
28.08.2017 18:56 , Heinz Höra
very interesting. The purpose of that pano is to show the Alps, so in my opinion it is right here. Best regards Alexander
28.08.2017 20:43 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Alexander, Deine Einschätzung, daß das hierher gehört, solltest Du Dir noch mal überlegen. Das Panorama zeigt nämlich außer dieser ausgezeichneten Alpensilhoutte sehr dominant die Brackwasserseen und die Landschaft am Mittelmeer - was mir übrigens sehr gefällt, obwohl es nicht scharf wiedergegeben wird. Dann kommt hinzu, wenn der Aufnahmestandpunkt außerhalb der Alpen keine Rolle spielen sollte, dann könnten alle die Panoramen mit Alpensicht, die vom Schwarzwald und von den Vogesen aus gemacht wurden, auch hier gezeigt werden. Das haben die Kollegen alle aber bewußt nicht getan.
28.08.2017 23:16 , Heinz Höra
Danke Heinz for yours comments and your and also Alexander for your opinion also. Thanks to the others also for yours congratulations.

Heinz, I agree and you are right that the photography should not be here if other photos of the Alps made from other mountain ranges are not published here either. Thank you for suggesting me post on panorama-photo.net Next time I'll post it there.

Anyway I suggest (In my opinion it would be interesting) that you could create a special section for photographs of the Alps from outside the Alps in Alpenpanoramen.

In my case I have taken other photographs of the Alps from the Pyrenees, and in fact from peaks a little more distant than the Canigó, since the beginning of 2015.

A summary of the main ones you can see in this gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/markbret/albums/72157661479475339

A singularly interesting photograph is the one made from Pico Finestrelles in July of last year. It is a world record of distance photographic Earth -> earth. In it we can appreciate the Barre des Ecrins and even other peaks somewhat more distant as the Pic Gaspard, at 443 km. Here the link in flickr.

In beyondhorizons.eu you can see it also.

Distances as long as you know are possible only in conditions of very good transparency and high contrasts of ambient light between the silhouette and the sky. The most suitable moments are before sunrise at the dates where the point of sunrise is at an azimuth near the relief. In other case only if the transparency is extraordinary are diurnal visions possible and then I think only thanks to the reflectivity of the snow. Here a picture in a moorning of winter.


With the use of infrared filters the long distance photographs are easier to do and the results are very wonderfuls with the relevant technical adjustments, but in my case I do not use them. My goal is to portray reliefs that I can observe with the view, in situ. Neither use photoshop nor lightrom for the editions of the photographs.

I would like also inform you about the blogs where I write and publish pictures:
On the one hand a blog that I started writing in early 2013 and where there are mainly images of Mallorca from the Iberian peninsula, especially from Catalonia. In this case is writed in catalan. https://horitzonsllunyans.wordpress.com

On the other hand obviously http://beyondhorizons.eu (which I think you already know), is a site shared with 3 other colleagues with the same hobby or passion. The objective of Beyondhorizons.eu is much more international and we want to gather different photographs of distances obtained from different points of the earth.

On the other hand there are respective facebooks of each website, with usually more constant update of contents.

Finally we would like to say that when someone of you does some photography of very long distance we suggest that if you want too you can send it to beyondhorizons and we will be very grateful to make a report about it.

For our part we will also be happy to incorporate links to Alpenpanoramen so that the people who visit us also know your magnificent web of panoramic images, as well as panorama-photo.net, wonderful.

Best regards.

Mark Bret
08.09.2017 22:20 , Mark Bret
@Mark - not sure whether someone already pointed you to the lists on http://panorama-photo.net/panorama.php?pid=18982 and http://www.alpen-panoramen.de/panorama.php?pid=31835.
Unfortunately, these sites only allow comments to the individual panoramas and no forum outside of them.
09.09.2017 08:45 , Martin Kraus
Hello Martin. In response to your comment:

Not until that moment (when you wrote it to me) I did not know it. But what exactly do you mean by not allowed "forum"? Opinion about a photo I understand is legal but a forum on other topics is not allowed. But if someone writes a comment related to a topic of interest directly linked to photography, for example as Alberto Pedrotti has written about other distant horizons .. Is it allowed to write about it? I find it's interesting and I already did a study long ago. I wrote a report on my blog in my language: https://horitzonsllunyans.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/hindu-tagh-dankova-els-horitzons-mes-llunyans-del-planeta-terra/ and also sent data from many mountains that I had analyzed to Beyondhorizons.eu where you can find a list of them.

I give my email if you or other persons would want write me about that: markusbret@hotmail.com

14.09.2017 15:08 , Mark Bret
@Mark - sorry - this is a misunderstanding. Every discussion here is allowed and actually very welcome. What I meant, is that this website only allows forum discussions as comments to a particular panorama. Sometimes we would like to have overall discussions (like this list of furthest views), but there is no technical possibility here. While we are happy that Thomas Schabacher is continuing to run the site, there is no further development since a few years since he seems to have other interests.
Cheers, Martin
14.09.2017 18:47 , Martin Kraus

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