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Aufnahmestandort: Aiguille du Goléon (3427 m)      Fotografiert von: David ARANDA
Gebiet: Dauphiné Alpen      Datum: 30.10.2017 à 7h01
v4 :
- recentrage de l'image,
- nouvel alignement de l'horizon,
- traitement réaliste de l'exposition.

v3 :
- changement de l'horaire de prise de vue (ceinture de Vénus plus distincte),
- modification du cadrage du panorama (début au col de la Pyramide).

v2 : agrandissement du panorama à un angle de champ horizontal de 360°.

Anciens commentaires v3 :

Jetzt ist es perfekt.
VG Manfred
2017/11/08 20:16, Manfred Hainz

For sure one of the best Panorams allover this website -
the difficult brightness transitions in direction of the rising sun let remaining a visible part of higher darkness. This could be solved only with image manipulation tools in the section - maybe You didn't want to make to heavy interventions. However the comment is on a level on the top of the scale ! Great !
2017/11/09 12:03, Harry Dobrzanski

Wunderful colours,
but uneven horizon. (Pte. Percée should not be higher than MonViso).
2017/11/09 15:58, Matthias Knapp

Great location, tremendous view, wonderful mood --> five stars. The uneven horizon downgrades to four ;-) Cheers, Martin
2017/11/10 19:53, Martin Kraus

2017/11/10 22:04, Winfried Borlinghaus

i love it!
2017/11/13 21:34, Christoph Seger

Anciens commentaires v2 :

une rève, mais ....
may I change in English, it is easier for me to write. Wonderful spectacle, that's what I am waiting for. It is worth to correct something. The brightness of the mountains is very different. In the left part it is quite bright, in the centre it is ok and in the rigth part it is quite dark. Obove Pic Bayle there is also a difference in the sky. When it is corrected, it will be your best panorama here. A canditad for many stars .... Look at your email account - i will write some words to you. Best regards Alexander
2017/11/05 16:36, Alexander Von Mackensen

Wonderful twilight state especially the area between blue and orange. I don't know the word in English (.. anti twilight curve or maybe the umbra belt). In German it is called the "Venusgürtel" - belt of Venus.
I'm sure you can correct and brighten the dark area to the very right hand side. Wonderful colours anyway...
2017/11/05 18:47, Hans-Jürgen Bayer

Anciens commentaires v1 :

You've caught a silent, great mood and moment.
2017/11/02 09:10, Harry Dobrzanski

Like a painting, I like it!
2017/11/03 08:39, Werner Maurer

grand spectacle. Cordialement Alexander
2017/11/04 18:08, Alexander Von Mackensen

Like a dream...
PS: I like the guy backstage in the left who is always stealing the show ;-)
2017/11/04 20:06, Martin Kraus


grande spectacle! Cordialement Alexander
28.01.2018 21:13 , Alexander Von Mackensen

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