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1 Civetta, 3220
2 Monte Pore, 2405
3 Monte Alto di Pelsa
4 Agner, 2872
5 Castello di Andraz
6 Pala di San Martino, 2982
7 Cimon della Pala, 3184
8 Cime d'Auta
9 Col di Lana, 2452
10 Punta Penia, 3342
11 Gran Vernel, 3210
12 Sasso Cappello
13 Catena del Padon
14 Settsass, 2571
15 Pisciadu, 2985
16 Gran Cir, 2592
17 Sassongher, 2665
18 Furchetta. 3025
19 Sass de Putia, 2875
20 Wilde Kreuzspitze, 3132
21 Gran Pilastro, 3510
22 Conturines, 3064


Aufnahmestandort: Verso il Sass de Stria (2352 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Dolomiten      Datum: 01-11-2015
This is to complement the work done by Alvise in his recent N.34371
Later I will add some names. Meanwhile, the Betrachter may choose to
1) complain for the absence of labels;
2) recognize the mountains by himself (this should be feasible);
3) refer to the labels in the summit panorama N.29296 from the Sass de Stria which I do not find in the vicinity, but should be not far.
(He may also choose to do all these things at one time, of course)


Perfect autumn!
13.08.2018 22:44 , Johannes Ha
Sass de Stria has become 
a real open air museum. Very different from the first times in which, forty years ago, we climbed to the top without equipment, just for the sake of playing for mountaineers. At that time the galleries were almost in the same conditions as the WWI, and the ascent route was much more adventurous than marked.
Apart from the ascent, about which Alberto shows here an excellent panorama, there are many other interesting features: Forte 'Ntra i Sass, Edelweiss site (nearby Lake valparola), Selletta e Galleria Goiginger e teriol Gilberto Salvatore (see my # 34371), and dozens of other tracks and war paths still to explore.
@Alberto: ecco dov'ero quello splendido giorno di Ognissanti del 2015 - #29289. Panoramica molto meno gradita della tua...
Ciao, Alvise
14.08.2018 08:48 , Alvise Bonaldo
Flawless. Like a look through glass.
14.08.2018 23:34 , Benjamin Vogel
so schaut's in zwei Monaten auch wieder aus. LG Alexander
16.08.2018 21:39 , Alexander Von Mackensen

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Pedrotti Alberto

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