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1 Aletschhorn 4193m
2 Kl. Dreieckhorn 3639m
3 Dreieckhorn 3810m
4 Klein Wannenhorn 3707m
5 Gross Wannenhorn 3905m
6 Schonbuhlhorn 3854m
7 Fieschergalbelhorn 3876m
8 Wasemhorn 3447m
9 Gletscherhorn 3983m
10 Wysnollen 3590m
11 Vorder Galminhorn 3517m
12 Firehhorn 3182m
13 Jungfrau 4158m
14 Hint. Galminhorn 3486m
15 Grunhorn 4044m
16 Oberaarrothorn 3477m
17 Studerhorn 3638m
18 Finsteraarhorn 4274m
19 Oberaarhorn 3637m
20 Agassizhorn 3946m


Location: Nufenenpass (2750 m)      by: Stefano Caldera
Area: Walliser Alpen      Date: 13 Oct 2007
This is an experiment: Anaglyph image from Aletschhorn to Finsteraarhorn, is the combination of two images, one from Chilchhorn and the other from NufenenPass. After I mixed the two images with the "Z-Anaglyph" sofwtware. I'm sorry but to see the image you must have the special anaglyph glasses (see on the lower-left part). If anybody have it, please tell me what do you think :)


Must be... 
...very interesting in 3D, Stefano, but where can we get these special glasses??!
lg Fredy
2008/05/28 09:40 , Fredy Haubenschmid
Eccezionale Stefano, la tridimensionalità è veramente spettacolare!!!
3-d really spectacular!!!!! you "enter" inside the image!!
2008/05/28 10:37 , Andrea Gasparotto
You can find them at the optician, or on e-bay (from 3 to 15 euro)
2008/05/28 15:48 , Stefano Caldera
Now I got the point: Stefano, you're the one, who sells the glasses at e-bay, aren't you?:-P
2008/05/28 17:56 , Robert Mitschke
eheheheh LoL Got it!!! No, I'm sorry
2008/05/28 18:54 , Stefano Caldera
i'm very impressed, this is one of the best panoramas i've seen. It took me 2 days to get such glasses, but this picture whipes away the effort. Incredible.

Technically speaking, jpeg is systemimmanent not the best way of saving anaglyph images. You can see artifacts at the Gross Wannenhorn; of course you don't have an alternative here. I am very interested in a higher resolution version of this image, do you have one in the internet already or can you email it to me.

Still very excited....
2008/05/29 10:38 , Jens Renner
4,11 € for a couple of glasses from an UK seller on eBay.
Must buy one of them to judge your 3D pano...
2008/05/29 16:21 , Marco Nipoti
To produce an anaglyphe, there is an enormous distance between Chilchhorn and Nufenenpass above all in the height. But your experiment is very interesting. First I must buy anaglyph foiles.
2008/05/29 23:06 , Heinz Höra
Thanks! @Jens: no, I'm sorry, at the moment I don't have a larger version. If II'll make it, I'll post a link here ... @ Heinz: yes, the different in heigth is is the main problem, unfurtunately I didn't shot for anaglyph, I tried once with a couple of images only to see if it can work
2008/05/30 09:24 , Stefano Caldera
Hallo Stefano, dieses Experiment ist Dir toll gelungen, wer keine 3D-Brille
hat sollte sich unbedingt eine besorgen. Echt Klasse !! Lg. Toni
2008/06/01 09:52 , Anton Theurezbacher

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