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1 Monte Cristallo
2 Piz Popena
3 Agoloschner
4 Croda di Fausa Marza
5 Corno d'Angolo


Location: vicino al ponte sul torrente Rudavoi (1702 m)      by: Klaus Föhl
Area: Dolomiten      Date: 2019-01-11
Ein Kurzzeiträtsel (weil ich es morgen schon auflösen möchte):
wo ist mir diese Brücke mit doppelten Bogen unter die Füße gekommen?
Zwischen Misurina und Cortina d'Ampezzo quert die SR48 einen Wildbach, den torrente Rudavoi. Mit ihrer Spannweite von 100 Metern ist diese größere Brücke über dieses kleine Bächlein schon interessant, zumal sie in einer Kurve liegt und einen Höcker aufweist.

Kamera Canon EOS M1
7 Bilder Hochformat
Panorama generiert mit hugin und convert
Blickwinkel 141 Grad
Länge 12.21599
Breite 46.55796

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witzig, hab das Motiv genau von der anderen Seite aufgenommen :-) werde ich demnächst auch gerne zeigen! LG, Michi
2019/05/22 06:59 , Michael Strasser
Easy to solve! 
The fork between the towers on the right and the "Piz" on the left is an excellent ski mountaineering destination - evidently not from this side, but from the opposite side along a wonderful suspended glacial valley.
Ciao, Alvise
2019/05/22 09:34 , Alvise Bonaldo
Would one dare to climb or descend on this side, and not on the SP49 side?
I presume you do mean the valley shown in your Pano 7715? Beautiful indeed.
Cordiali saluti Klaus
2019/05/22 15:50 , Klaus Föhl
Yes I do, indeed!!! 
Bella foto Klaus. I've just posted a pano of the other side...
The Rudavoi Creek has always been rather "lively", like many other creeks directly descending from a dolomitic wall subject to erosion and huge landslides, and over the years has always done great damage to the bridges that crossed it. Apparently the problems have now been solved quite drastically... The hump just allows the passage of stones and boulders without damage to the bridge.

Ciao, Alvise
2019/05/23 11:06 , Alvise Bonaldo
a few years ago we tried to cross the Rudavoi 200m above, because we tried to go for Cristallino di Misurina from Tre Croci. but crossing was not safely possible so we lost a lot of time and (in the end) the summit :-(
2019/05/23 13:13 , Michael Strasser
Why did you try to cross the Rudavoi so high? The path to the Val Popena Alta (which is necessary to climb the Cristallino) starts a few meters beyond the bridge. Do you mean that the bridge was ruined or not accessible?

Ciao, Alvise
2019/05/24 09:05 , Alvise Bonaldo
@Alvise, that day we tried to start from SonForca and found an old path high above where we thought we could cross the river. but we had to return to Tre Croci to our car and drove down just here to the bridge where we started again!
2019/06/06 21:11 , Michael Strasser

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Klaus Föhl

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