La Banca   4525
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1 Conte Moro, 2407
2 Pavione, 2335
3 Coppolo, 2060
4 Agaro, 2061
5 Cima Dodici, 2334
6 Cima Brunella, 2526
7 Fravort, 2347
8 Cima delle Stellune, 2606
9 Cima d'Asta, 2847
10 Cima dei Diaoli, 2808
11 Laste' dei Fiori
12 Cima Cece, 2754
13 Marmolada, 3342
14 Corno di Val Regana, 2617
15 Mulaz, 2906
16 Cimon della Pala, 3184
17 Pala di San Martino, 2982
18 Cima Spiadon, 2312
19 Orti della Regana


Aufnahmestandort: La Banca (2729 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Fleimstaler Alpen      Datum: 09-05-2021
For the ascent of Cima d'Asta, I had in mind to try the unknown way that I have tested in 2017 (see N.33225). Well, a simple glance was enough to establish that it was not the case to try the way in winter conditions... So, from the summit of La Banca, I joined the normal route. But reaching this secondary summit, covered by still untouched snow, was an original experience, and made me think of the well-known "Unberührt" panorama on this site. I did not set the title Unberührt-II only because in the 360° the detail almost disappears (not to speak about copyright issues and so on).
I touched the summit also on the way back from Cima d'Asta, although in this case, of course, I found its snow no longer Unberührt.
All this up and down, together with the fact that I started from home by bicycle, summed up to a 3500 m ascent for the day - but this is indeed ok with conditions like these.

Position: 46.171586 11.61216


10.05.2021 17:50 , Michael Bodenstedt
da rechts ist ja ein traumhaftes Kar im Firnschnee ---- schade, dass ich nicht dort bin. LG Alexander
10.05.2021 19:58 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Perfect conditions for spring ski tours also on the other side of the Alps - what a great season this is! :-)
10.05.2021 22:21 , Johannes Ha
May is the new winter - lucky season for everybody living near. Cheers, Martin
16.05.2021 19:56 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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