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1 Rocca dei Bagni
2 Pala Ciapel
3 Cadin dei Bagni
4 Punta Anna
5 Cima de Ambata
6 Sasso di Selvapiana
7 Cima Bagni
8 Campanili di Selvapiana
9 Campanili di Popera
10 Vallon Popera
11 Fulmini di Popera
12 Cima Popera
13 Hochbrunnerschneid
14 Cima Undici
15 Campanile Colesei
16 Military road
17 Military road
18 Croda sora i Colesei
19 Forcella Pian de la Biscia
20 Opera 10
21 Dreischuster
22 Cime di Sesto
23 Castelliere
24 Hochgall
25 Elmo
26 Tovo Alto
27 Hornischegg
28 Hollbrucker Spitze
29 Roteck - MOnte Rosso di Nemes
30 Malga Nemes
31 Demut - La Muta
32 Col Quaternà
33 Grosse Kinigat


Aufnahmestandort: Cima dei Colesei (1972 m)      Fotografiert von: Alvise Bonaldo
Gebiet: Dolomiten      Datum: 30.1.2022
La piccola costruzione sulla cima è stata provvidenziale in questo giorno di vento teso e freddo da nord. Neve non scarsa ma distribuita in modo disomogeneo: erosa sopra vento, profondi accumuli sull'altro lato; sci quindi inutili (infatti eravamo muniti solo di ramponcini).
I Colesei costituiscono un accesso alternativo alla zona del Popera/Croda Rossa. Dalla strada militare che sale dal Selvapiana/Lunelli e arriva a Forcella Pian de la Biscia (a cui si può pervenire anche dal passo Monte Croce Comelico; così oggi) si può raggiungere l'ex rifugio Olivo Sala e il Vallon Popera tramite un ripido canale erboso; ma anche, e soprattutto, andare a visitare la cosiddetta Opera 10, un sistema di bunker appartenenti al Vallo Alpino del Littorio scavati nella roccia e perfettamente mimetizzati nell'ambiente.

The small building on the top was providential on this day of stiff and cold northern wind. Enough snow but unevenly distributed: eroded on the wind side, deep accumulations on the other side; therefore useless skis (in fact we were only equipped with crampons).
The Colesei constitute an alternative access to the Popera / Croda Rossa area. From the military road that climbs from Selvapiana / Lunelli Hut and arrives at Forcella Pian de la Biscia (which can be reached also from Kreuzberg Pass, as today) you can go to the former refuge "Olivo Sala" and Vallon Popera via a steep grass gully; but also, and particularly, you can visit the so-called Opera 10, a system of bunkers belonging to the Vallo Alpino del Littorio dug into the rock and perfectly merged in the mountain.


I understand that there is something wrong with this photo 
Though I don't really understand exactly what. It seems to me that it is not so bad, nor worse than many other panos (mine or others').Thank you if you help me understand and possibly improve.
02.02.2022 08:56 , Alvise Bonaldo
impressive situation which i like very much. The only thing to improve is the sky. It seems to be a little grainy. Best regards Alexander
03.02.2022 20:47 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Thanks a lot, Alexander 
I reloaded the pano after some noise reduction. I hope it's better now. Let me know if you like it.
Ciao, Alvise
04.02.2022 09:01 , Alvise Bonaldo
I liked it before but it was a bit too sharp and grainy. It's much better now!
04.02.2022 22:23 , Benjamin Vogel
Yes, it is much better. Best regards Alexander
05.02.2022 08:32 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Alvise, please, let us show if you like our Panoramas.
Cheers, Danko.
05.02.2022 09:56 , Danko Rihter
Thanks a lot, Danko. 
Obviously I like most of your panoramas very much - and often too much than mine... Very often I signed my appreciation; sorry if sometimes I forgetted to do so...
However - assuming I understood what you meant to tell me - I do not want to reward the others' panos just in order to hope that their authors will reward mine. I ask for my photos to be critically evaluated, and if you don't like them (for technical or aesthetic reasons) please tell me why, so that I can improve myself. So do I, even if I don't have much technical advice to give and I just can say if I like the photo or not (based on my aesthetic tastes). I think this is a shareable point of view. This forum should not be used for an "ego massage" but only to share the beautiful views of the Alps and to improve our own photographic technique.
I hope you agree with me. Thanks a lot.
Ciao, Alvise
07.02.2022 08:36 , Alvise Bonaldo

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Alvise Bonaldo

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