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1 Pic du Beal Traversier, 2910
2 Col d'Izoard, 2360
3 Pic de Balart, 2736
4 Clot de la Cime, 2729
5 Refuge Napoleon
6 Le Grand Peygu, 2796
7 Barre des Ecrins. 4102, 32 km
8 Montagne des Agneaux, 3670
9 La Meije, 3982
10 Aiguille d'Arves S, 3514
11 Aiguille d'Arves Central, 3513
12 Mont Thabor, 3178 (inside a big cloud)
13 Cervieres, 1600
14 Pointe Balthazar, 3153
15 Le Lasseron, 2702
16 Chaberton, 3130
17 Rognosa d'Etiache, 3373
18 Punta Sommeiller, 3332
19 Cime de la Charvie, 2881
20 Turge de la Suffie, 3024
21 Pic de Rochebrune, 3320
22 Pic Ouest, 2844
23 Col Perdu, 2490


Aufnahmestandort: L'Arpelin (2601 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Cottische Alpen      Datum: 20-08-2022
The Arpelin is a truly unconspicuous summit above the Col d'Izoard, and can be classified more as a hill than as a mountain. It has a certain importance only for me, because it was maybe the first summit that I climbed during a bicycle tour of several days - namely, an Aosta-Nizza, which then ended up in Corsica.
The plan, last summer, was to finally climb the Gran Pic de Rochebrune, which should be an exquisite viewpoint, isolated as it is. But, as can be seen from the image, I reached the col too late for this task, not least because that one had alredy been the day of the Galibier, where I had spent a lot of time (in vain...) waiting for the wheather to clear aroud the Meije and surroundings.
It was an emotion, climbing the steep ridge from the Col Perdu to the Arpelin, to see the Meije appearing in the background. But, even before the Meije, the first profiles that I told apart from the clouds were those, unmistakable, of the Aiguilles d'Arves. I did not notice the Barre, which I single out only now with Udeuschle at hand, since it is nearly completely covered by a close mountain.
Consider that the reality was much darker than the present rendition, in which i lavishly lifted the shadows. Thnk of barely seeing anything outside the sunset region, and you will get the grasp of the true atmosphere... The feeling of isolation was also enhanced by the col being totally empty: due to works in progress, the restaurant was closed. The only signs of life (not many, to be honest) came from the nearby Refuge Napoleon.


wonderful evening impression!! I hope to see more from your tour :-) Best regards Alexander
20.01.2023 21:27 , Alexander Von Mackensen
great place and great story. Looks like an area that deserves coming back to. Cheer, Martin
22.01.2023 20:09 , Martin Kraus
What I find most amazing about this work is to look "in der Umgebung": we are at the Col d'Izoard, one of the best known of the Alps, a true icon of the Tour de France, and the third-closest panorama lies 8 km away!!
22.01.2023 21:22 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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