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1 N. 40536


Aufnahmestandort: Strada per il Goletto di Cadino (1835 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Adamello-Presanella-Alpen      Datum: 20-07-2022
Let me try a new sort of riddle.
Here I show the same spot seen from two viewpoints, lying in front of each other, and the Aufnahmestandort of the one pano is marked in the gegenüberliegende.
Of course, the question is one and only one: in which corner of our beautiful Alps are we???

Answer: 45.91485 10.42659


Still no idea, but beautiful and pleasant. Well maintained road, I tend to exclude Austria.
27.03.2023 05:21 , Christoph Seger
Perhaps Alpi Bresciana or Prealpi Bergamasche?
27.03.2023 11:17 , Günter Diez
Passo C.d.
27.03.2023 12:27 , Niels Müller-Warmuth
Sophisticated riddle. I was wondering if it's in the Alpe Maritime, perhaps near Colle Valcavera, but I can't find a Standort totally fitting. Chears Peter
27.03.2023 12:28 , Peter Brandt
Bicycle without E-motor. I tend to exclude Germany. No Prättigau neither.
Maybe Provence, maybe Carninan Alps? I haven't yet any solution.
27.03.2023 15:03 , Matthias Knapp
I think Niels had found the correct place with his Passo. A narrow road, new paved is characteristic for italy, I tried to climb the peak in the background with 2843m but have to give up, because to much snow in september.
28.03.2023 07:05 , Herwig Holemar
Indeed, if Alpi Bresciane is already good, Croce Dominii is simply perfect.
Namely, east to west the sequence of passes crossed by this road is: Goletto di Gaver, Goletto di Cadino, Croce Dominii.
Incidentally, let me note that this is perhaps the most misnamed pass in the Alps, since everybody believes that it reads Croce Dòmini (the Cross of the Lord) whereas it actually reads Croce Domínii (the Cross of the Domain, that is, marking the border of some domain).
Colle di Valcavera is a bit far away, but... a pano of this pass is ready, it was only delayed by the couple shown here.
29.03.2023 00:15 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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