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1 M.Generoso 1704m
2 M.Nuvolone 1093m
3 M.Rosa 4633m
4 Sighignola 1314m
5 Strahlhorn 4190m
6 Costone 1441m
7 C.della Duaria 1447m
8 Lago di Como 197m
9 C.di Lenno 1586m
10 M.Boglia 1516m
11 M.Tremezzo 1700m
12 M.Galbiga 1699m
13 M.Crocione 1641m
14 Bellagio
15 di Fojorina 1810m
16 M.Parol 1203m
17 M.Pidaggia 1528m
18 M.Pilastro 1821m
19 M.Croce 1781m
20 M.Grona 1741m
21 Tre Sassi 2105m
22 Sasso di S.Defendente 1321m
23 M.Bregagno 2107m
24 C.del Cic 1451m
25 Rheinwaldhorn 3402m
26 P.zi di Parlasco 1511m
27 Alpe Cainallo
28 M.Muggio 1800m
29 Legnoncino 1714m
30 Sasso Canale 2411m
31 Surettahorn 3027m
32 P.zo Stella 3163m
33 M.Legnone 2609m
34 Cimone di Margno 1801m
35 C.di Moncale 2306m
36 S.Manduino 2888m
37 P.zo Alto 2512m
38 P.zo Badile 3305m
39 M.Disgrazia 3678m
40 P.zo della Pieve 2248m
41 P.zo Scalino 3323m
42 P.zo Painale 3248m
43 Zuc di Camm 2192m
44 P.zo Tre Signori 2556m
45 Piani di Bobbio
46 Z.Campelli 2161m
47 P.zo Arera 2512m
48 M.Sodadura 2010m
49 M.Due Mani 1666m
50 Resegone 1875m
51 Zucco dei Chignoli 2163m
52 Grigna S 2177m


Location: Grigna Settentrionale (2410 m)      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Bergamasker Alpen      Date: 16 Oktober 2009
Grignone at was a shame I had never been on this beautiful mountain before.
In particular the northern ridge, with the Via della Ganda and Cresta di Piancaformia is really fantastic, especially the Vallone dei Bregai, very similar to some Dolomites scenery.
The presence of the Rifugio Brioschi just in top is very comfortable in days lake the one of the ascent, with temperature ranging from -11° to -1° and with a strong North wind.

Pano aus 33 Querformat-Aufnahmen.
Blickwinkel 310° richtung N

EXIF Daten der erste Aufnahme
Modell: Canon EOS 40D 17-85 IS USM
Orig. Datum Zeit: 02.10.09 13:51 Uhr
Orig. Aufnahmen in JPG
Belichtungszeit 1/400s
Brennweite 48mm
ISO 100
Org. Grösse : 27084x3488 (94MPixel)


Well done, and, by the way, I´m jealous about the snow free peaks on the south side of the alps. LG Robert
2009/10/22 21:19 , Robert Viehl
This is a great place 2200m above Lago di Como, fantastic view! LG Christoph
2009/10/22 22:01 , Christoph Hepp
Grignone is a peak that I still miss... - Thank you for the sneak preview! - Tanti saluti, dirk
2009/10/27 18:19 , Dirk Becker

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Marco Nipoti

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