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1 Daubenhorn 2941m
2 Schwarzhorn 3104m
3 Schneehorn 3177m
4 Wildstrubel 3244m
5 Lämmerenhorn 2861m
6 Roter Totz 2848m
7 Daubensee 2207m
8 Daubenhubel 2417m
9 Felsenhorn 2782m
10 Mittlere Loner 3002m
11 Hindere Loner 2778m
12 Wyssi Flue 2472m
13 First 2548m
14 Chli Rinderhorn 3003m
15 Rinderhorn 3448m


Location: Daubensee (2250 m)      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Berner Alpen      Date: 31 Oktober 2009
Clouds South (see panorama 8107) and blue skies North, with a really singular light that
adds to alpine tundra environment something really appealing.
The family path going round Daubensee is very enjoyable both in summer or winter times.
The sight is very beautiful too.

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EXIF Daten der erste Aufnahme
Modell: Canon EOS 40D 17-85 IS USM
Orig. Datum Zeit: 01.11.09 10:59 Uhr
Orig. Aufnahmen in RAW
Belichtungszeit 1/320s
Brennweite 27mm
ISO 100


Hi Marco, same situation in my Pano (8115), clouds to the south and blue sky with thin cirrus to the north. However, I was further north(-east) :-) of you. This is also a nice shot, Daubensee seems to be prepared for cross country skiing in winter, only the snow is missing. Cheers, Michael
2009/11/06 11:30 , Michael Riffler
This is a very nice Picture that gets a lot of its appeal from the snow. Cheers Bruno
2009/11/06 16:21 , Bruno Schlenker
I like the way and the sun! All best 2 you, Christian
2009/11/06 18:58 , Christian Hönig

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Marco Nipoti

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