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1 Monte Galero 1708m, 217km
2 Monte Armetta 1739m, 222km
3 Monte Antoroto 2144m, 219Km
4 Pizzo d' Ormea 2476m, 224km
5 Bric di Conoia 2521m, 226km
6 Monte Mongioie 2630m, 226km
7 Cima della Brignola 2472m, 225km
8 Cima delle Saline 2612m, 228km
9 Punta Marguareis 2651m, 231km
10 Cima della Fascia 2495m, 233km
11 Rocca dell' Abisso 2755m, 243km
12 Monte Clapier 3045m, 250km
13 Monte Gelas 3143m, 251km
14 Punte della Rua 2779m, 244km
15 Cima di Brocan 3054m, 253km
16 Cima di Nasta 3108m, 252km
17 Cima Argentera 3297m, 251km
18 Asta Soprana 2950m, 248km
19 Punta Giegn 2888m, 256km
20 Monte Matto 3097m, 250km
21 Rocca la Paur 2972m, 251km
22 Punta Maladecia 2745m, 256km
23 Monte Tenibres 3031m, 262km
24 Punta Tempesta 2679m, 242km
25 Rocca Meia 2831m, 248km
26 Tete de Moise 3104m, 254km
27 Monte Chersogno 3026m, 243km
28 Cima delle Lobbie 3015m, 230km
29 Punta Michelis 3154m, 230km
30 Monviso 3841m, 229km
31 Visolotto 3348m, 229km
32 Punta Gastaldi 3210m, 229km
33 Punta Roma 3069m, 229km
34 Monte Aiguillet (L'Asti) 3287m, 232km
35 Crete de la Taillante 3197m, 233km
36 Le Grand Queyras 3114m, 236km
37 Pic Segure 2990m, 233km
38 Tete du Pelvas 2929m, 228km
39 Punta Cornour 2867m, 219km
40 Punta Cialancia 2855m, 217km
41 Grand Queyron 3060m, 225km
42 Punta Rognosa 3280m, 226km
43 Monte Rocciavre' 2778, 204km
44 Punta Cristalliera 2801, 205km
45 Monte Orsiera 2890m, 207km
46 Cima Ciantiplagna 2849m, 214Km
47 Monte Civrari 2302m, 186km
48 Punta Lunella 2772m, 194km


Aufnahmestandort: Roncola (900 m)      Fotografiert von: Giuseppe Marzulli
Gebiet: Bergamasker Alpen      Datum: 25 dicembre 2009
Hard panorama with Nikon D300 and Nikon 300 f4 (F4, 1/4 sec). 14 images.
The nearest mountain is 186 kilometres away, the most distant identified, 262km.


Giuseppe, there you did great work!
11.01.2010 21:50 , Christian Hönig
I am astonished by the enormous distance and the sharpness of this wonderful picture. In fact you look over the Po planes completely.
However I wonder: how is it possible to see mountains of 2500m still that high at more than 230 km? Due to the curvature of the earth an object at 250km should be about 5000 m high to be just above the horizon if you are at sea level. This is illustrated well by the remarkable picture taken from the Feldberg (at 1500 m elevation) which shows the Mont Blanc (4800m at 240 km dictance) only as a small bubble. So I am a bit confused when I see for instance monte Antorolo 2144m at 219 km taken from an elevation of 900 m while it should be below the horizon!
13.01.2010 00:49 , Mentor Depret
I correct my statement above saying that monte Antorolo should be below the horizon. After calculating again, the mountain is high enough still to be seen. Theoretically two viewers at 900 m height and 214 km apart can just see each other when the terrain inbetween is at sea level. Now the Po planes, I guess, are at 200 m. So two viewers should be at 1100 m height to be able to see each other. As the picture was taken from 900 m this means that the other viewer at 214km should be at least at 1500 m height roughly estimated. So indeed the Antorolo is high enough. The Galero and Armetta at left are 1700m, are at the same distance and their summit only barely above the horizon, like it should be. Great picture anyway!
13.01.2010 12:11 , Mentor Depret
Ok Mentor, don't worry about your small bubble Mont Blanc. Just imagine it without mountains in the middle but with a flat plain instead (such as for Monviso): I think it would be incredible dominant
13.01.2010 12:32 , Stefano Caldera
Pretty amazing. LG Robert
13.01.2010 21:45 , Robert Viehl
Thank you for yours comments.
From 900 m height it is possible to view:
a) Antorolo (2144m) up till 272,4 km;
b) Galero (1708m) up till 254,6 km;
c) Armetta (1739m) up till 256,0 km.
17.01.2010 17:58 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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