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1 M.Cornet 1330m
2 M.Ponciv 1456m
3 M.Forcella 1331m
4 C.del Costone 1616m
5 M.S.Primo 1686m
6 Costa del S.Primo 1495m
7 M.Nuvolone 1093m
8 M.Colmenacco 1281m
9 Sasso Gordona 1410m
10 P.zo della Croce 1491m
11 M.Generoso 1704m
12 M.Pasquella 1367m
13 C.della Duaria 1447m
14 M.Tremezzo 1700m
15 M.Crocione 1641m
16 Lago di Como 197m
17 Fojorina 1810m
18 M.Pidaggia 1528m
19 M.Segor 2097m
20 M.Lungo 2135m
21 M.Grona 1741m
22 M.Bregagno 2107m
23 Varenna
24 Vezio


Location: Varenna (199 m)      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Bergamasker Alpen      Date: 02.01.2010
An alternate Point of View, with a best view on both Alps and Varenna.
8 minutes later than previous panorama, to take advantage of better light.
Also a different cut, with less lake and more mountains.
No postprocessing at all for lights/shadows, but only some adjustment in Canon camera mode in RAW images (thanks Stefano).

Pano of 13 Portrait Shots.
Sight: 160° direction W

Model: Canon EOS 40D 17-40L USM
Orig. Date: 02.01.10 08:48 Uhr
Orig. Shots in RAW
Exposure 1/200s
Focal Lenght 64mm
ISO 100


Conosco bene Varenna. Mi piace molto.
2010/01/13 19:31 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Marco Nipoti

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