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1 Forcella Castelat
2 Monte Guslon


Aufnahmestandort: Val Bona (1900 m)      Fotografiert von: Andrea Gasparotto
Gebiet: Dolomiten      Datum: 11/02/2007
Ski-touring on Alpago-Col Nudo Mountains.


Condizioni stupende ma qual'è la via di salità?
12.02.2007 14:34 , Stefano Lovison
In my opinion ... 
* for the mountains +
* for the sky +
* for people climbing +
* for picture composition =
12.02.2007 15:51 , Marco Nipoti
*wow* i like this pano... 
The colours are yery nice and i like the *action-people* and the compostion of the pano. Only on the right part of the picture, there are some artifacts. Altogether it looks very *fresh* ;o)
13.02.2007 17:39 , Michael Brik
Thanks to all... 
Michael, which kind of artifacts do you see?
13.02.2007 18:53 , Andrea Gasparotto
Hi Andrea. *artifacts* is not the right word for this. You can see that the last rock on the right side is without details. Normaly you get this effect by excessive softening and resharping, but there is no reason to do that in your pano. Sometimes you can see that if you have wrong exposure (not the reason here) or when the picture is blurred (maybe this) ... *sorry* .. it is difficult to explain, because I don`t know exactly what it is.. O_o... but it is not so important, better you forget this ;o). It´s a really nice pano ^_^
14.02.2007 01:58 , Michael Brik
Great work Andrea! I think this is your best panorama till now, although I agree with Michael: some part of the rockwork looks a bit strange but it does not reduce the quality of the picture at all.
28.02.2007 20:39 , Paolo Chiti

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Andrea Gasparotto

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