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1 Piz Lavirun, 3058
2 Punt San Matteo, 3678
3 Munt Cotschen, 3104
4 Cima dei Piazzi, 3439
5 Crasta Mora, 2952
6 Piz Vadret, 3199
7 Piz Mez, 2899
8 Piz Languard, 3262
9 Piz Albris, 3166
10 Piz Palü, 3906
11 Piz dlas Blais, 2930
12 Piz Bernina, 4049
13 Piz Roseg, 3937
14 Piz Corvatsch, 3451
15 Piz Muottas, 2901
16 Piz Ot, 3246
17 Piz Julier, 3380
18 Piz Bever, 3230
19 Piz Surgonda, 3151
20 Piz Picuogl, 3333
21 Piz Calderas, 3397
22 Piz d'Err, 3378
23 Crap Alv
24 Biz Bleis Marscha, 3128
25 Piz Salteras, 3111
26 Piz Val Lunga, 3078
27 Preda
28 Piz Ela, 3309


Aufnahmestandort: Igl Compass (3016 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Albula Alpen      Datum: 23-05-2009
The idea has come to me looking at the beautiful #15017. The quality of my pano is remarkably lower - indeed, it comes from only 5 horizontal photos. If it may have some value, I think that this lies in showing the Albula valley in a transition season; few hundreds of meters from the pass, on the Preda side, one can note the last avalanche blocking the road. This is why I had the whole region only for me: actually, I walked to Igl Compass after laying down my sleeping bag right in front of the Albula Pass kiosk. Looking at the surprise shown by the many marmots, I realized to be the first tourist that spring. Later, as I was pushing my bicycle through the avalanche, I met other cyclists coming from north. Two days later the road was opened to the traffic.


Hi Alberto, an amazing and fantastic view. Great photo.
02.06.2011 13:44 , Udo Schmidt
An unusual view with the horizon at the outmost upper limit of the frame. Very complicated to compose (I never succeeded ..) but you managed the task in an outstanding manner !!
kind regards Christoph
02.06.2011 14:49 , Christoph Seger
Well done as Christoph already pointed out! Cheers Bruno.
02.06.2011 15:38 , Bruno Schlenker
It could have been done much better, had I not cut off the very highlight of the sight, which is the Albula valley on the Engadina side. I had a photo taken below the rock on the left, and I tried to cheat Hugin with it, but it did not work!
02.06.2011 16:03 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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