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1 C.del Calvo 2967m
2 Bruciati 3114m
3 M.Disgrazia 3678m
4 Vetta di Ron 3137m
5 P.zo Painale 3248m
6 (Piz Bernina)
7 Piz Lagalb 2959m
8 Piz Paradisin 3302m
9 Scima da Saoseo 3264m
10 C.Viola 3374m
11 M.Palabione 2361m
12 P.ta San Matteo 3675m
13 M.Tonale 2696m
14 Baitone 3330m
15 Adamello 3539m
16 Miller 3373m
17 Dosso Paso' 2575m
18 M.Filone 2395m


Location: Colle Pasò (2240 m)      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Bergamasker Alpen      Date: 23.01.2012
Giving you a break between all my Bisbinos in different "sauces"...
This is a relatively unexploited area on and Dosso Pasò peak, that dominates Aprica between Valtellina and Valcamonica really deserves a future visit.


Dear Macro
what a beautiful scenery !!!
kind regards Christoph
2012/01/31 16:34 , Christoph Seger
It is a surprise that this is Terra Incognita but the satellite image proves it. Thanks for visiting this mountain for us. Regards. Bruno.
2012/01/31 16:48 , Bruno Schlenker
Un bellissimo cielo
2012/01/31 17:47 , Valentino Bedognetti
Molto bello!
2012/01/31 22:15 , Beatrice Zanon
Herrliche Wolkenbögen... einer bizarr schönen Winterwelt!
lg Fredy
2012/02/02 17:53 , Fredy Haubenschmid

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Marco Nipoti

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