Guglia Rossa - Aiguille Rouge   43352
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1 Guglia del Mezzodì - Rocher de Barabbas, 2622 m
2 Chaberton, 3130 m
3 Sommet du Guiau, 2654m
4 Pic de Rochebrune 3325m
5 Le Janus, 2529 m
6 Val Clarée
7 Fort de l'Infernet, 2376m
8 Fort du Lenlon
9 Névache
10 Cime de la Condamine, 2940 m
11 Pointe de l'Aigliere, 3307 m
12 Grand Area, 2869 m
13 Crête de l'Échaillon 2569m
14 Pelvoux 3943m
15 Barre des Ecrins, 4102 m
16 La Grande Ruine, 3765 m
17 La Meije, 3982 m
18 Crête de la Gardiole 2955m
19 Lac Bellety
20 Pic du Lac Blanc, 2980m
21 Lac de Thures
22 Mont Thabor 3171m
23 Rocce dei Serous, 2889 m
24 Valle Stretta
25 Piccolo Serous
26 Pied de la Tour Germaine
27 Punta Baldassarre
28 ~3090m
29 Punta Gasparre
30 Punta Quattro Sorelle, 2698 m
31 Poggio tre Croci, 2117 m
32 Aiguille de Scolette, 3506 m
33 Entrata della galleria del Fréjus ~1300m
34 Bardonecchia
35 Rognosa d'Etache, 3373 m
36 Punta Sommeiller, 3332 m
37 Monte Jafferau, 2802 m
38 Cima del Vallonetto
39 Monte Seguret, 2910 m
40 Forte Pramand, 2162 m
41 Ciantiplagna, 2800m
42 Monte Orsiera, 2890 m
43 Guglia d'Arbour, 2803 m
44 Punta Charrà, 2843 m


Aufnahmestandort: Guglia Rossa (2548 m)      Fotografiert von: Andrea Rolando
Gebiet: Cottische Alpen      Datum: 23/10/2004
Guglia Rossa, also known as Aiguille Rouge, is an elegant summit standing between Italy and France.
Due to its prominent position, the stunning panorama and the easy access from both Val Clarée and Valle Stretta, this is one of the most frequented summits of this area.


Sehr schön!
02.02.2013 19:17 , Christoph Seger
very, very beautiful - not only the very different shape of the mountains but also view into the valleys. Best regards Alexander
02.02.2013 22:10 , Alexander Von Mackensen
Molto bello.
I know very well L'Aiguille Rouge (Guglia Rossa or Punta Rossa ?), and your pano gives a very good idea of this nice place. I have wrote some more names and added also some links.
Is there not a little defect just above the cross, something like a shadow in the sky?
I would like, that for the summits which are in France, you write too the french names. Thanks. David
03.02.2013 00:45 , David Schatzman
Great to see more of this area. Also interesting that the colored rocks that I found in the vicintiy of the Galibier (#20577) is continuing in this direction. Cheers, Martin
03.02.2013 09:05 , Martin Kraus

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Andrea Rolando

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