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1 Brentoni W, 2547
2 Brentoni E, 2548
3 Cornon, 2378
4 Direction Ciampigotto
5 Terza Media, 2455
6 Terza Grande, 2586
7 Val Frison
8 Forcella Oberenghe
9 Creta di Mimoias, 2320
10 Creton di Clap Grande, 2487
11 (Val Pesarina)
12 Col di Rioda, 1966
13 (Casera Razzo)
14 Direction Sauris
15 Sella di Rioda, 1805
16 Col Marende, 2079
17 Tudaio di Razzo, 2285


Location: Near Rifugio Fabbro (1786 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Dolomiten      Date: 17-09-2013
Sella Ciampigotto is the W corner of the high plateau of Razzo (1700-1800 m), which can be accessed in four different ways:
- from the Cadore, W, leaving the main road to Passo Mauria short under the wonderful village of Vigo di Cadore, literally full of old churches and palaces. The nearby Lorenzago di Cadore was a favourite vacation place for Karol Wojtyla;
- from Sauris, E, a place famous for its ham, for its lake and for its German dialect. In winter this access is closed, since avalanche danger adds to the problems caused by a well-known periodic landslide threatening the final 18% ascent, which consequently is closed at times also in summer;
- from Val Pesarina, NE, through a remarkable sequence of picturesque mountain villages;
- from Val Frison, N. This road is currently not asphalted and also closed to the motorized traffic, an aspect that increases the already noticeable charm of this wild place.
Sella Ciampigotto hosts the nice Rifugio Tenente Fabbro. The present view is taken few hundreds metres E of this mountain hut.
14 vertical images, 38 mm (x 1.5), 1/50 sec, f/5, ISO 200.


Is it really as remote as this pano suggests?
2013/10/08 21:19 , Christoph Seger
This is a good question indeed. The apparent remoteness is not surprising in itself, but rather with respect to the position of the place on the map...
Then, take this remoteness with care. The day after this panorama, I was on Monte Brentoni in the morning: completely alone on a mountain coated with verglas. In the evening, I was on the Terza Grande - here too, nobody around. But when I had lunch at Rifugio Fabbro there was a group of motor-cyclists sitting at the table near mine, and some of them were Japanese!
If you want an anthology of places like this one, and if you (unlike myself) feel comfortable with automatic translators, try
2013/10/09 13:12 , Pedrotti Alberto

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