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1 Monte Alben 2019m
2 Monte Cancervo 1840m
3 Monte Sordanello 1580m
4 Canto Alto 1146m
5 Corna Marcia 1033m
6 Monte Albenza 1424m
7 Monte Tesoro 1432m
8 Costa del Palio
9 Monte Resegone 1875m
10 Monte Barro 922m
11 Rifugio Sciatori 1670m
12 Monte Due Mani 1666m
13 Rifugio Aurora
14 Piani d'Artavaggio
15 Corni di Canzo 1373m
16 Monte Coltignone 1473m
17 Arrivo Funivia Moggio-Artavaggio 1649m
18 Monte Bolettone 1315m
19 Monte Palanzone 1436m
20 Gran Paradiso 4061m
21 Grigna Meridionale 2184m
22 Monte Rosa 4633m
23 Grigna Settentrionale 2409m
24 # 5211
25 Monte Leone 3553m
26 Helsenhorn 3272m
27 Rifugio Nicola
28 Zuccone Campelli 2159m
29 Rifugio Cazzaniga Merlini 1889m
30 Monte Foppabona 2082m
31 Cima di Piazzo 2057m
32 Pizzo Alto 2512m
33 Pizzo Mellasc 2465m
34 Pizzo dei Tre Signori 2554m
35 Cima della Bondasca 3289m
36 Cima di Castello 3375m
37 Monte Ponteranica 2378m
38 Monte Disgrazia 3678m
39 Piz Roseg 3937m
40 Monte Azzarini 2431m
41 Piz Bernina 4048m
42 Piz Zupo' 3996m
43 Piz Palu' 3901m
44 Piz Varuna 3453m
45 Pizzo Scalino 3323m
46 Punta Painale 3248m
47 Corno Stella 2620m
48 Monte Masoni 2663m
49 Pizzo del Diavolo di Tenda 2914m
50 Pizzo di Redorta 3038m
51 Pizzo Baciamorti 2009m
52 Monte Araralta 2006m
53 Monte Ferrante 2046m
54 Pizzo della Presolana 2521m
55 Pizzo Arera 2512m
56 Cima di Menna 2300m
57 Pano #3851
58 Monte Venturosa 1999m


Location: Monte Sodadura (2010 m)      by: Stefano Caldera
Area: Bergamasker Alpen      Date: 15 Jul 2008
Maybe the best (weather) day of the last 2-3 months..
Monte Sodadura, the "Great Pyramid of Valsassina", our Cheope!

Panorama from Resegone (what a surprise from the other side: green green green) to Pizzo della Presolana trought Grigne, Pizzo dei Signori, Disgrazia, Bernina and the highest Alpi Orobie, with the classic West Alpes in the background.

32 Images
Canon EOS 350D + EF-S 17-85 IS USM @ 26mm, F/8, 1/400s


bellissimi colori naturali e non essagerati sul verde, bella profondita, bravo
2008/07/15 21:57 , RenÚ Tessaro
Molto bello!
2008/07/15 22:38 , Matthias Knapp
Yes, clearest day of summer so far.
When I sent you an SMS yesterday I was sure that you were on the mountains ;-)
Nice green this July, thanks to rain and acceptable temperatures.
What is the nice grass plateau on the ridge towards Aralalta?
I have some experience of these places, but not in East direction...
2008/07/16 10:17 , Marco Nipoti
@Marco: I don't know, but that grass is wonderful.. I will upload a pano from there
2008/07/16 19:53 , Stefano Caldera

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Stefano Caldera

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