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Aufnahmestandort: Rocca la Meia (2830 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Cottische Alpen      Datum: 24-08-2022
Rocca la Meia dominates a mountain group with a very particular geography. As any honest mountain ridges, it lies between two valleys, Val Maira north and Valle Stura south. But then there is a third, shorter valley, Val Grana, pointing directly from the vicinity of Cuneo to the heart of these mountains. The Val Grana meets two side valleys coming from the Maira side (Vallone del Preit and Val Marmora) and one coming from the Stura side (Vallone dell'Arma).
Rocca la Meia, a mighty rocky peak which closely reminds "my" Cima d'Asta, seems to dominate the whole in perfect isolation, although, to be honest, to find higher mountains you do not need to go far. The Oronaye, on the border with France (also known on that side as Tête de Moïse), reaches no less than 3100 m.
Although the mountain hosts routes of extreme difficulty, the normal route is fairly simple, thanks to an easy ascending ledge which cuts the SSW wall. I reached its start leaving the bicycle at the Colle de la Margherina, where the ledge first becomes visible. In 1998, when I had tackled the mountain at sight via its seemingly easy ESE ridge, I had to turn back because of the many rock towers. It was clear that, sooner or later, one of them would stop me. Remembering that experience, 24 years later I did not repeat the same error...
I find the view from Rocca la Meia curiously similar to that from the Bobotov Kuk, which I recorded in
Perhaps this impression has to do with the fact that the Lago Nero and the Skrcko Jezero are discovered from the summit ridge in a very similar manner, although the former cannot compete with the later for extension. I leave to neutral Betrachters the question whether it makes some sense to associate the two panoramas.


Very nice to see a summit 360 from this remarkable peak which has always been an eyecatcher back in the days I´ve visited Val Maira. How difficult would you rate the ascent?
22.09.2022 08:31 , Johannes Ha
I have no knowledge at all about this area - thanks for your detailed descriptions. Cheers, Martin
29.09.2022 20:56 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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