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1 Cima dal Lärg 3188m
2 Piz Bacun 3244m
3 Pizzo Casnile 3189m
4 Piz Cacciabella 2980m
5 2969m
6 # 2437
7 Pizzo Eravedar 2934m
8 Passo di Cacciabella Sud 2896m
9 Innominata 2927m
10 2971m
11 Sciora Dafora 3169m
12 Pioda di Sciora 3238m
13 Ago di Sciora 3205m
14 Sciora Dadent 3275m
15 Bondo
16 Pizzi Gemelli 3262m
17 Pizzo Cengalo 3369m
18 # 7517
19 Pizzo Badile 3305m
20 Punta Sant'Anna (o Badiletto) 3171m
21 Pizzi dei Vanni 2774m
22 Cime del Vallon 2677m
23 Cima di Codera 2757m
24 Monte Conco 2908m
25 Monte Gruf 2936m
26 Cima di Droso 2418m
27 Monte Beleniga 2639m
28 Pizzo di Prata 2727m
29 Corna Garzone 2430m
30 Pizzo Grillo 2190m


Aufnahmestandort: Cüa (Soglio) (1200 m)      Fotografiert von: Stefano Caldera
Gebiet: Plattagruppe      Datum: 26 Oct 2009
10 images
Canon EOS 40D
EF 17-40 F/4 L
26mm, 1/250s, F/8, 16:15

here a zoom (640mm x 1.6 = 1024mm) on the Moon near the Badile:

here a glimpse on the Sciora from the Village:


Not yet ready with marking the peaks. But I have to score your beautiful shot. LG Robert
30.10.2009 21:02 , Robert Viehl
Will you provide us an Tele-Version with a greater moon on the egde of the Badile, too?
30.10.2009 21:34 , Matthias Knapp
Matthias: not at the edge, I shot one when the moon was exactly between Cengalo and Badile, but he left part is very "empty". However I can crop it from a single picture
30.10.2009 21:44 , Stefano Caldera
Che meraviglia queste montagne vicino a casa!!!
30.10.2009 22:52 , Giovanni Rovedatti
Dear Stefano, Soglio is an everlasting dream. How I dare to be there and have some maroni-gnocchi and have a look at the Sciora-group! - Great panorama with 'Suchtfatktor'! - Tanti saluti, dirk
30.10.2009 23:44 , Dirk Becker
Dirk: I think they are 'Gnocchi ai marRoni', with 2 R.. Marroni written with only one R, in Italian, means something little different ;) (not only the politician) :D .. ciao Stefano
31.10.2009 17:10 , Stefano Caldera
Your picture perfectly catches the atmoshpere of this fall day! Cheers Bruno.
31.10.2009 18:41 , Bruno Schlenker
Great landscape and perfect work. LG Christoph
31.10.2009 21:04 , Christoph Hepp
Nahezu perfekt. Gruss von walter
01.11.2009 00:46 , Walter Huber
Mondlandschaft! ( :- )) 
Gruss Walter
01.11.2009 09:01 , Walter Schmidt
L'ottobre per me e` sempre la stagione piu bella...se non ci sarebbe poi l'inverno. Bellissimi colori nel tuo panorama.
01.11.2009 10:36 , Manfred Kostner

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Stefano Caldera

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