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1 Monte Colmegnone 1383m
2 Sasso Gordona 1410m
3 Monte Generoso 1701m
4 Pizzo della Croce 1491m
5 Pian del Tivano
6 Gridone / Monte Limidario 2188 m
7 Monte Gradiccioli 1935m
8 Monte Tamaro 1961m
9 Monte San Primo 1686m
10 Cima del Costone 1616m
11 1536m
12 Monte Cippei 1236m
13 Grigna Settentrionale 2409m
14 Grigna Meridionale 2184m
15 Pizzo Arera 2512m
16 Monte Due Mani 1666m
17 Monte Coltignone 1473m
18 Monte Resegone 1875m
19 Monte Megna 1052m
20 Monte Moregallo 1276m
21 Corno Occidentale di Canzo 1373m
22 Monte Tesoro 1432m
23 Monte Albenza 1424m
24 Monte Prasanto 1251m
25 Monte Rai 1261m
26 Ceppo dell'Angua
27 Sormano
28 Monte Cornizzolo 1241m
29 Rezzago
30 Caglio
31 Croce di Pizzallo 976m
32 Pianura Padana
33 Monte Barzaghino 1069m
34 Appennini
35 Colma Piana 1182m
36 Monte Falo 1187m
37 Monte Palanzone 1436m
38 Monte Bul 1406m


Aufnahmestandort: Colma di Sormano (1190 m)      Fotografiert von: Stefano Caldera
Gebiet: Tessiner und Misoxer Alpen      Datum: 06 Dec 2008
42 images
EOS 40D + EF 17-85 IS
f/8, 1/500s, 33mm
3:25 PM


Ciao Stefano, beautiful picture and a very good job ! Did you come from left and cont'd right or maybe the opposite way :-)) ? My guess you came from right (behind). Greetings Hans-Jürgen
06.12.2008 20:36 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Molto bella. Lì il sole, giù in Brianza la nebbia...
06.12.2008 20:36 , Luca Galimberti
In the south you have the very best condtions you can get! Here in Bavaria it's raining and no snow below 1500m... Best regards Christoph
06.12.2008 20:49 , Christoph Hepp
As beautiful as winter can be! 
A poetic panorama; I like it a lot! - Tanti saluti, dirk
06.12.2008 20:52 , Dirk Becker
o je, mein englisch... 
versuch ich es doch lieber in deutsch. Gute Schnitteinteilung des linken Hügels sowohl in der Seitenausrichtung als auch in der Schnitthöhe. Sehr stimmungsvoll im Licht das rechte Tal und die kommen-und-gehen Spur im Schnee find ich besonders reizvoll. Technisch sehr gut. Gefällt mir. LG Franz
06.12.2008 23:06 , Franz Schumacher
Snowparadise not so far from home.
Is it right EOS 350D?
07.12.2008 17:07 , Marco Nipoti
@Hans-Jürgen: Yes, I came from right.. what does make you think that? :)
@Christoph: I'm sorry, the snow will come!
@Marco: thanks, I still had not realized that I've a new 40D!
07.12.2008 17:29 , Stefano Caldera
Hi Stefano, I thought it because the snow to the right apparently looks freshly touched at least much more than to the left. Cheers HJ
07.12.2008 21:16 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Complimenti! A mio parere, in assoluto una delle più belle panoramiche pubblicate...
08.12.2008 19:05 , Gianluca Moroni

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Stefano Caldera

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